The Press Staff

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Steve Cohn Director
Allison Belan Assistant Director for Digital Publishing
Bonnie Perkel Assistant to the Director & Development Coordinator
Erich Staib Journals Acquisitions Editor 919-687-3664
Mira Waller Project Euclid Manager
Steve Grathwohl Digital Content Developer
Norris Langley Chief Financial Officer
Cynthia Durham Accounting Manager
Carmen Marshall Accounting Specialist, Books Inventory
Lori Phelps Staff Specialist, Accounts Receivable, Books
Lance Robinson Senior Accounting Clerk, Accounts Payable
Mario Santiago Senior Accounting Clerk, Accounts Payable
Margie Clayton Accounting Clerk
Ken Wissoker Editorial Director 919-687-3648
Courtney Berger Editor 919-687-3652
Miriam Angress Associate Editor 919-687-3601
Gisela Fosado Editor 919-687-3632
Christine Riggio Art Editor
Jade Brooks Editorial Associate
Elizabeth Ault Editorial Associate
Erin Hanas Editorial Associate
Lorien Olive Editorial Associate
Emily Young Books Marketing Director
Michael McCullough Associate Marketing and Sales Manager
Lee Willoughby-Harris Books Marketing Metadata & Digital Systems Manager
Laura Sell Publicity and Advertising Manager, Review Copies
Helena Knox Exhibits Manager
Julie Thomson Direct Marketing Manager & Sales Associate
Chad Royal Marketing Assistant, Sr.
Emily Estelle Lawrence Marketing Assistant, Sr.
Katie Courtland Catalog Copywriting Coordinator
Christopher Robinson Coypwriter
Nancy Hoagland Books Editing, Design, and Production Manager
Amy Ruth Buchanan Book Designer
Heather Hensley Book Designer
Natalie Smith Book Designer
Patty Chase Production Manager
Tanya Davis Production Specialist
Venus Bradley Production Specialist
Jessica Ryan Managing Editor
Susan Albury Assistant Managing Editor
Sara Leone Assistant Managing Editor
Liz Smith Assistant Managing Editor
Lesley Jones Customer Relations Manager
Amanda Kolman Assistant Customer Relations Manager
Shannon Harvey Digital Access and Journals Specialist
Tenecia McKinley Customer Service Representative
Amber Cary Customer Service Representative
Taylor Garrison Customer Service Representative
Don Griffin Warehouse Manager
Pamela Spaulding Manager
Sonya Johnson Assistant Information Techonology Manager
Marcus Butts Computing Facilities Specialist
Michael Brennan System and Networking Administrator
Ariel Dela Fuente Applications
Ling Mao Database Administrator
Rob Dilworth Editorial/Administrative Manager
Charles Brower Senior Managing Editor, H&SS
Ray Lambert Senior Managing Editor, STM
Stacy Lavin Senior Managing Editor, Managing Editors/Group
Liz Beasley Managing Editor, Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East
Heather Mallory Managing Editor, Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, and Assistant Managing Editor, H&SS
Charles Carson Managing Editor, American Speech
Michael Cornett Managing Editor, Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies
Emily Dings Managing Editor, American Literature
Paul Dudenhefer Managing Editor, History of Political Economy
Becky Giusti Assistant Managing Editor, H&SS
Keller Kaufman-Fox Assistant Managing Editor, STM
Elma Longley Senior Editorial Assistant, American Literature
Chris Mazzara Assistant Managing Editor, H&SS
Marisa Meredith Senior Editorial Assistant, DMJ
Roy Pattishall Assistant Managing Editor, STM
David Southern Managing Editor, Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Carlyle
Brendan Sutherland Assistant Managing Editor, H&SS
Joel Luber Assistant Managing Editor, H&SS
Cason Lynley Manager of Customer Relations, Sales, and Journals Marketing
Kim Steinle Library Relations and Sales Manager
Jocelyn Dawson Journals Marketing Manager
Leslie Eager Library Marketing and Exhibits Coordinator
Kendall McKenzie Data and Project Specialist
Dan Ruccia Advertising, Design, and Production Coordinator
Katie Smart Publicist and Exhibits Coordinator, Journals
Daniel Griffin Web Marketing & Metadata Coordinator (+1) 919-687-3687
Mike Brondoli Production & Finance Manager
Terri Fizer Assistant Production Manager
Bendte Fagge Digital Publishing Technologist
Rebekah Kati Digital Publishing Technologist
Sue Hall Design Manager/Art Director
Kelly Andrus Assistant Designer
Debra Boxill Digital Content Coordinator
Cynthia Gurganus Production Coordinator
Stacey Lutkoski Production Coordinator
Amy Walter Production Coordinator
Jailyn Moreland Production Coordinator