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  • The Structure of World History
    The Structure of World History • Kojin Karatani
    "Kojin Karatani is one of the most creative and important thinkers of the early twenty-first century."—David Graeber, author of The Democracy Project: A History, a Crisis, a Movement
  • Equaliberty
    Equaliberty • Étienne Balibar
    "Equaliberty is a major book that displays Balibar's exemplary combination of erudition and clear, accessible argument."—Michael Hardt, coauthor of the books Declaration, Commonwealth, Multitude, and Empire
  • Sex, or the Unbearable
    Sex, or the Unbearable • Lauren Berlant and Lee Edelman
    "Berlant and Edelman's penetrating and courageous encounter significantly raises the level of debate in contemporary cultural studies."—Leo Bersani, Emeritus Professor of French, University of California, Berkeley