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  • Journal of Chinese Literature and Culture

    Academic Editor(s): Yuan Xingpei, Zong-qi Cai
    Current Volume: 1
    Frequency: Two issues annually
    ISSN: 2329-0048
    e-ISSN: 2329-0056
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  • Editorial Office:
    Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures
    University of Illinois´┐ŻUrbana-Champaign
    2090 FLB, 707 South Mathew Ave.
    Urbana, Illinois 61801
    217-244-2223 (fax)

    Editors in Chief:
    Yuan Xingpei, Peking University
    Zong-qi Cai, University of Illinois´┐ŻUrbana-Champaign and Lingnan University of Hong Kong

    Associate Editor in Chief:
    Liu Yucai, Peking University

    Zong-qi Cai (poetry and poetics)
    Wai-yee Li, Harvard University (fiction and prose)
    Liu Yucai, Peking University (cultural themes)
    Tina Lu, Yale University (drama and vernacular literature)
    Pan Jianguo, Peking University (fiction and prose)
    Zhang Jian, Chinese University of Hong Kong (poetry and poetics)

    Editors for Translation:
    Liu Feng, Peking University
    Maija Samei

    Editorial Board:
    Chen Yinchi, Fudan University
    Cheng Yu-yu, National Taiwan University
    Cheng Zhangcan, Nanjing University
    Ronald Egan, Stanford University
    Fu Gang, Peking University
    Grace Fong, McGill University, Canada
    Hu Siao-chen, Academia Sinica, Taipei
    Huang Shizhong, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou
    Wilt Idema, Harvard University
    Jiang Yin, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
    Liu Yongqiang, Peking University
    Liu Yuejin, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
    Keith McMahon, University of Kansas
    Patricia Sieber, Ohio State University
    Paula Varsano, University of California, Berkeley
    Wang Zhaopeng, Wuhan University
    Wei Shang, Columbia University

    Editorial Assistants:
    Chen Jing
    Jin Xi
    Philip Merrill

  • Description

    The Journal of Chinese Literature and Culture, to be launched in 2014, will publish research articles and essays on premodern Chinese literature and all aspects of the broader literary culture. It will also publish work that explores the influence of traditional literature and culture in modern and contemporary China. For some periods of the twentieth century, the study of premodern Chinese literature was considered by some an impediment to the rise of science and democracy, but it is now recognized in China as a valuable heritage that can enrich Chinese culture for the twenty-first century. Jointly sponsored by Peking University and the University of Illinois, the journal is committed to an international editorial vision and to in-depth exchange and collaboration among scholars in China, the United States, and other parts of the world.
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