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  • Editorial Office:
    Room 321-A, Department of Sociology
    National Taiwan University
    1, Roosevelt Road, Section 4
    Taipei, 10617
    +886 2 33669416 (phone)
    +886 2 23683531 (fax)

    Editor in Chief:
    Chia-Ling Wu (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

    Associate Editors:
    Gregory Clancey (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
    Michael M. J. Fischer (MIT, US)
    Sungook Hong (Seoul National University, South Korea)
    Shang-Jen Li (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
    Togo Tsukahara (Kobe University, Japan)

    Assistant Editor:
    Yen Ke (Taiwan)

    Editorial Board:
    Warwick Anderson (Australia)
    Zaheer Baber (Canada)
    HeeJe Bak (South Korea)
    Francesca Bray (UK)
    Dung-Sheng Chen (Taiwan)
    Ruey-Lin Chen (Taiwan)
    Hyungsub Choi (South Korea)
    Pingyi Chu (Taiwan)
    Adele E. Clarke (US)
    Catelijne Coopmans (Singapore)
    Fa-ti Fan (US)
    Judith B. Farquhar (US)
    Daiwie Fu (Taiwan)
    Yuko Fujigaki (Japan)
    Marta Hanson (US)
    Wei Hong (China)
    Boumsoung Kim (Japan)
    Kiheung Kim (South Korea)
    Wen-Hua Kuo (Taiwan)
    Sean Hsiang-lin Lei (Taiwan)
    Wen-yuan Lin (Taiwan)
    Yi-Ping Lin (Taiwan)
    Ming-cheng Lo (US)
    Suzanne Moon (US)
    Atsuro Morita (Japan)
    Hideto Nakajima (Japan)
    Jin Hee Park (South Korea)
    Dagmar Schaefer (Germany)
    Akihisa Setoguchi (Japan)
    Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner (UK)
    Sung-Soo Song (South Korea)
    Catherine Waldby (Australia)
    Brian Wynne (UK)
    Tomiko Yamaguchi (Japan)
    Sang-Wook Yi (South Korea)
    Mei Zhan (US)

    Book Review Board:
    Honghong Tinn (Taiwan)
    Florence Bretelle-Establet (France)
    Haidan Chen (China)
    Arisa Ema (Japan)
    Hung Bin Hsu (Taiwan)
    Chihyung Jeon (South Korea)
    Yeonbo Jeong (South Korea)
    Koichi Mikami (Japan)

    Advisory Board:
    Sulfikar Amir (Singapore)
    Mario Biagioli (US)
    Wiebe E. Bijker (The Netherlands)
    Janet Browne (US)
    Karine Chemla (France)
    Lorraine Daston (Germany)
    Prasenjit Duara (Singapore)
    David Edgerton (UK)
    Steve Epstein (US)
    Ulrike Felt (Austria)
    Joan Fujimura (US)
    Susan Greenhalgh (US)
    Sandra Harding (US)
    Sheila Jasanoff (US)
    Osamu Kanamori (Japan)
    Hwan-Suk Kim (South Korea)
    Yung Sik Kim (South Korea)
    Evelyn Fox Keller (US)
    Tadashi Kobayashi (Japan)
    Bruno Latour (France)
    John Law (UK)
    Young-Hee Lee (South Korea)
    Les Levidow (UK)
    Angela Ki Che Leung (Hong Kong)
    Jong Tae Lim (South Korea)
    Chung-hsi Lin (Taiwan)
    Bing Liu (China)
    Dun Liu (China)
    Morris Low (Australia)
    Emily Martin (US)
    Miwao Matsumoto (Japan)
    Shigeru Nakayama (Japan)
    Nelly Oudshoorn (The Netherlands)
    Trevor Pinch (US)
    Robert N. Proctor (US)
    Wenmay Rei (Taiwan)
    Dingcheng Ren (China)
    Joseph Rouse (US)
    Osamu Sakura (Japan)
    Sang-Yong Song (South Korea)
    Akihito Suzuki (Japan)
    Terence Hua Tai (Taiwan)
    Sharon Traweek (US)
    Fu-Chang Tsai (Taiwan)
    Asumi Tsuge (Japan)
    Iijima Wataru (Japan)
    Michael Worboys (UK)
    Chen-Pang Yeang (Canada)

  • EASTS welcomes submissions based on original research. Articles should be between six thousand and twelve thousand words in length, and the writing must satisfy professional standards. Authors are advised to consult The Chicago Manual of Style, sixteenth edition, as a guidebook for style and Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, eleventh edition, as a guide for spelling. For additional guidance about the journal's style, including an explanation of the author-date style of documentation and sample citations, please consult the EASTS style guide. (Authors who are not native speakers of English are encouraged to seek the assistance of a professional editor before making a submission.) Please submit work via the journal's editorial management system: www.editorialmanager.com/easts. All inquiries should be addressed to eastsjournal@gmail.com. Our editor in chief, Chia-Ling Wu, can be reached at clwu@ntu.edu.tw.

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  • Description

    Sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan, East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal (EASTS) aims to bring together East Asian and Western scholars from the fields of science, technology, and society (STS). Examining issues such as human embryonic stem-cell research, family and reproductive technologies, and the globalization of Chinese medicine, the journal publishes research on how society and culture in East Asia interact with science, technology, and medicine. EASTS serves as a gathering place to facilitate the growing efforts of STS networks from Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe to foster an internationally open and inclusive community.

    The journal is composed of articles, panel discussions, book reviews, and critical notes.

    Abstractors and Indexers:

    Indexed/abstracted in the following: Academic OneFile, Academic Search International, Bibliography of Asian Studies, Scopus, SocINDEX, Summon by Serial Solutions

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