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  • Reality Gendervision
    Reality Gendervision • Brenda Weber, editor
    "Fills a gap in the scholarly literature and is a welcome and necessary addition to the field of reality TV studies." — Katherine Sender, author of The Makeover: Reality Television and Reflexive Audiences
  • The Dominican Republic Reader
    The Dominican Republic Reader • Eric Paul Roorda, Lauren Derby, and Raymundo González, editors
    "The Dominican Republic Reader is a welcome arrival for college and graduate courses." — Frank Moya Pons, author of The Dominican Republic: A National History
  • A Matter of Rats
    A Matter of Rats • Amitava Kumar
    "An intimate and whimsical book, but one that truly shines when the author turns his gaze to the ordinary people who still live in Patna . . . skillfully evoking the circumstances of chaos, filth and absurdity in which even the city's middle-class professionals are forced to live." — Sonia Faleiro, New York Times Book Review
  • Visualizing the Environment
    Visualizing the Environment
    This issue explores forms of environmental image making and visualization in an era of pervasive human impact.

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