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  • Paper Knowledge
    Paper Knowledge • Lisa Gitelman
    “Gitelman practices a kind of conceptual archeology without obeisance to the master, in an argument that stands well on its own. . . . By the time you reach the book's final chapter, on the rise of PDF, the relationship between the history of ground-level print culture and that of its Ivory Tower analog seem linked in so many suggestive ways that the advent of digital culture seems like just one part of an intricate pattern.”—Scott McLemee, Inside Higher Ed
  • Records Ruin the Landscape
    Records Ruin the Landscape • David Grubbs
    "David Grubbs delivers a vital, searching treatise on the volatility of musical listening and the seemingly encyclopedic record of the avant-garde we have inherited from the 1960s, an era vastly different from our own in ways that are newly unpacked here. John Cage and his contemporaries' squeamishness about the record and its 'thingness' is compellingly at odds with Grubbs's own phonophilia."—Marina Rosenfeld, composer and multimedia artist
  • Life Interrupted
    Life Interrupted • Denise Brennan
    Life Interrupted is a must-read for those seeking to understand why immigration policies, US and otherwise, can prolong human misery.... A major contribution to productive ways to rethink global immigration.”—Lee Maril, Times Higher
  • Announcing a new home for e-Duke Books in 2014!
    The e-Duke Books Scholarly Collection has moved to HighWire. Visit the new site at read.dukeupress.edu and read the collection's FAQs to learn more.

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