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  • Labor: Studies in Working-Class History of the Americas

    Academic Editor(s): Leon Fink
    Current Volume: 11
    Frequency: Quarterly
    ISSN: 1547-6715
    e-ISSN: 1558-1454
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  • Editorial Office:
    Department of History (MC 198)
    University of Illinois at Chicago
    913 University Hall
    601 S. Morgan St.
    Chicago, IL 60607
    312-996-6377 (fax)

    Leon Fink, University of Illinois at Chicago

    Book Reviews Editor:
    Cindy Hahamovitch, College of William and Mary

    Associate Editors:

    Up for Debate
    Eric Arnesen, George Washington University

    Arts and Media
    Richard Wells, Empire State College

    The Common Verse
    Jim Daniels, Carnegie Mellon University

    Rosemary Feurer, Northern Illinois University

    Contemporary Affairs
    Tobias Higbie, University of California, Los Angeles

    Joan Sangster, Trent University

    Latin America and the Caribbean
    Michael Snodgrass, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis

    Editorial Coordinator:
    Ian Darnell

    Editorial Committee:
    Avi Chomsky
    Julie Greene
    Paul Kramer
    Alex Lichtenstein
    Steve Striffler
    Shelton Stromquist

    Online Editors:
    Clarence Lang
    Mark Lause
    Erik Loomis
    Elizabeth Tandy Shermer

    Contributing Editors:
    Thomas Andrews
    James R. Barrett
    Sven Beckert
    Eileen Boris
    Kevin Boyle
    David Brody
    Sean Cadigan
    Dorothy Sue Cobble
    Jefferson Cowie
    Alvin Finkel
    Ken Fones-Wolf
    Joshua Freeman
    John French
    Matt Garcia
    Jeffrey L. Gould
    James Gregory
    Kelly Lytle Hernandez
    William Jones
    Daniel Katz
    Alice Kessler-Harris
    Neville Kirk
    Robert Korstad
    Bruce Laurie
    Lisa Levenstein
    Nelson Lichtenstein
    Jana Lipman
    Jennifer Luff
    Nancy MacLean
    Vanessa May
    Joseph McCartin
    Timothy Minchin
    Bethany Moreton
    Scott Nelson
    Jody Pavilack
    Christopher Phelps
    Marcus Rediker
    Seth Rockman
    Heather Ann Thompson
    Christopher Tomlins
    Wilson Warren

  • Labor encourages authors to submit manuscripts electronically. Include the article's title but not the author's name or institution; provide the latter information, as well as a telephone number, in the cover e-mail. Please confirm also that the manuscript has not been submitted elsewhere and will not be before a decision on publication has been made by the editor of Labor.

    Direct editorial correspondence and manuscripts for submission to Professor Leon Fink, Department of History (MC 198), University of Illinois at Chicago, 913 University Hall, 601 S. Morgan St., Chicago, IL 60607; phone: 312-413-9358; fax: 312-996-6377; e-mail: labor@uic.edu.

    Direct editorial correspondence and manuscripts for book reviews to Professor Cindy Hahamovitch, Department of History, College of William and Mary, PO. Box 8795, Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795; e-mail: laborreviews@wm.edu.

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  • Description

    The official journal for the Labor and Working-Class History Association (LAWCHA). A subscription to Labor is available through membership in LAWCHA.

    The labor question—who will do the work and under what economic and political terms?—beckons today with renewed global urgency.

    As a site for both historical research and commentary, Labor hopes to provide a scaffolding for understanding the roots of our current dilemmas. Although the tradition from which the journal derives its energy has focused primarily on social movements and institutions based on industrial labor, Labor intends to give equal attention to other labor systems and social contexts (agricultural work, slavery, unpaid and domestic labor, informal sector, the professions, etc.). Its focus begins on the U.S. experience but extends to developments across the “American” hemisphere and to other transnational comparisons that shed light on the American experience.

    The journal is endorsed by SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition), an initiative of the Association of Research Libraries.

    Abstractors and Indexers:

    Labor is indexed/abstracted in the following: Alternative Press Index, America: History and Life, Current Abstracts, Historical Abstracts, SocINDEX, Sociological Abstracts.

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