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  • The Meaning of Soul by Emily Lordi

    "Lordi vividly illustrates that soul artists offer models of black resistance, joy, and community through their songs. This is a must-read for musicologists, critics, and fans of soul." (Starred Review) — Publishers Weekly

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  • Police Violence Syllabus

    Selections in this syllabus explore and criticize police violence in both contemporary and historical contexts. Topics include the militancy of policing, Black Lives Matter, carceral technologies, gender, and more.

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  • Rethinking Cosmopolitanism

    Focusing on the historical and cultural entanglement of Africa and Europe, the contributors to this issue of Nka: Journal of Contemporary African Art emphasize the potential of cosmopolitanism to shape possibilities for coexistence and living with difference among all people.

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  • Gestures of Concern by Chris Ingraham

    “Laying out precisely why gestures of concern are significant and reminding us that there are never any empty gestures, Chris Ingraham offers a timely response to a certain reductive political discourse that sees meaning only in terms of representation."—Jenny Rice

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