The Press Staff

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Steve Cohn Director
Rob Dilworth Journals Director
Erich Staib Journals Acquisitions Editor 919-687-3664
Lisl Hampton Managing Editor, American Literature
Leslie Eager Program Director, Project Euclid
Ken Wissoker Editorial Director 919-687-3648
Courtney Berger Editor 919-687-3652
Gisela Fosado Editor 919-687-3632
Elizabeth Ault Editor 919-687-8022
Miriam Angress Associate Editor 919-687-3601
Christine Riggio Pre-Production Manager 919-687-3677
Sandra Korn Editorial Associate 919-687-3618
Katharine Herman Editorial Associate
Alejandra Mejía Editorial Associate
Nina Foster Editorial Associate
Joshua Tranen Editorial Associate
Jenny Tan Editorial Associate, Mellon Diversity Fellow
Cason Lynley Director Marketing and Sales
Michael McCullough Senior Manager, Books Marketing and Sales 919-687-3604
Laura Sell Books Publicity and Advertising Manager, Review Copies 919-687-3639
Emily Estelle Lawrence Books Marketing Assistant, Sr. 919-687-3650
Helena Knox Books Exhibits Manager 919-687-3647
Dan Ruccia Marketing Designer
Julie Thomson Books Direct Marketing Manager
Jennifer Schaper Books Sales Manager 919-687-3680
Kim Steinle Journals Library Relations Manager 919-687-3655
Lee Willoughby-Harris Books Marketing Metadata & Digital Systems Manager
Jessica Castro-Rappl Publicist & Exhibits Coordinator, Journals
Chad Royal Books Marketing Assistant, Sr.
Katja Moos Digital Collections Sales Manager 919-687-8014
Kristen Twardowski Library Sales Coordinator
Katja Moos Digital Collections Sales Manager
Jocelyn Dawson Journals Marketing Manager
Mandy Brannon Library Marketing Outreach Manager
Jessica Castro-Rappl Journals Publicist & Academic Exhibits Coordinator
Dan Ruccia Marketing Designer 919-687-8013
Camille Wright Publicity Assistant, Books Marketing
Kasia Repeta Digital Marketing Coordinator, Journals Marketing
Nancy Hoagland Books Editing, Design, and Production Manager 919-687-3629
Charles Brower Senior Project Editor
Brooke Philpott Journals Production Manager
Jessica Ryan Editorial Production Manager 919-687-3666
Christine Critelli Books Production Manager
Cynthia Gurganus Production Coordinator, Senior
Kerin Ogg Intellectual Property Assistant
Amanda Kolman Customer Relations Manager 888-651-0122
Amber Cary Digital Access and Journals Specialist 888-651-0122
Patrick Coleff Digital Access & Books Coordinator 888-651-0122
Don Griffin Warehouse Manager
Allison Belan Assistant Director for Digital Publishing
Daniel Griffin Web Presence Manager +1 919-687-3687