Preparing Your Manuscript for Publication

Once the Editorial Advisory Board has approved your manuscript, we can prepare it for production. You are responsible for submitting a final formatted manuscript, production-quality artwork, and all necessary permissions to reprint previously published material and/or artwork.

    • The following documents provide guidance for formatting and organizing your final manuscript. If you have specific questions, please contact your editor.

  • Document Name Description Type
    Art Submission Guidelines This document outlines technical requirements for any images or graphics that you plan to include in your book. PDF
    Illustrator Guidelines Guidelines for illustrators preparing computer-drawn artwork for Duke University Press. PDF
    Citation Examples This document includes a list of citation examples that follow the notes and bibliography system and author-date system. PDF
    Abstracts and Keywords This document provides an overview of how to write abstracts and keywords for your book. PDF
    Manuscript Preparation Guidelines This document includes instructions on formatting your manuscript and organizing materials for final submission. PDF

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