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  • BookStatus New Media and American Literature

    Curtis Marez's "Cesar Chavez's Video Collection") received an honorable mention for the Don D. Walker Prize sponsored by the Western Literature Association.

    Comments from the award committee:
    The committee found this piece to be urgent of purpose, crystal clear in articulation, thickly archived, and revelatory in its use of digital technologies to make “hidden histories” newly visible and palpable. Committee members’ comments included the following:

    “I loved this piece, not only because it advances the interplay between digital humanities and western American cultural studies, but because it is exemplary in making visible and kinetic what Marez calls the ‘hidden history’ of new media. To be enabled to access farm workers’ creative productions this directly and interconnectedly--as framed by Marez’s insightful commentaries--was compelling; to put visual substance to notions such as ‘new kinds of activist spectatorship’ and to visual technologies as ‘tools for speculative world building’ was revelatory”;

    “Curtis Marez's new media work on UFW & visual technologies is an exciting, innovative work of interdisciplinary scholarship that reflects the aspirations of the Walker Award in demonstrating the untapped possibilities of our still unfolding field”

    “I found it compelling in multiple ways, from its modeling of new kinds of interactive and interdisciplinary scholarship, to its fresh readings of Chicano/a Studies, visual technologies, and California as ever-complex site of economic, political, and racial conflict.”

    Title: New Media and American Literature
  • BookStatus Speculative Markets
    Winner, 2015 Anthony Leeds Prize (presented by the Society for Urban, National, and Transnational/ Global Anthropology of the American Anthropological Association)

    2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards Gold Medal in Current Events I (Political / Economic / Legal / Media)
    Title: Speculative Markets
    Author: Kristin Peterson
  • BookStatus The Intimacies of Four Continents
    Winner, 2018 Nicolás Guillén Outstanding Book Award, presented by the Caribbean Philosophical Association
    Title: The Intimacies of Four Continents
    Author: Lisa Lowe
  • BookStatus Ordinary Medicine
    Winner, 2018 Robert B. Textor Award for Anticipatory Anthropology (presented by the American Anthropological Association)
    Title: Ordinary Medicine
    Author: Sharon R. Kaufman
  • BookStatus Sexual States
    Winner, American Sociological Association Section on Sociology of Sexualities 2018 Distinguished Book Award
    Title: Sexual States
    Author: Jyoti Puri
  • BookStatus The Spectral Wound
    Winner, BBC Radio 4's 2016 Thinking Aloud Award for Ethnography
    Title: The Spectral Wound
    Author: Nayanika Mookherjee
  • BookStatus Crossroads of Freedom
    Honorable Mention, 2018 Best Book Translation Prize from the New England Council of Latin American Studies
    Title: Crossroads of Freedom
    Author: Walter Fraga
  • BookStatus Queer Cinema in the World
    Winner, 2018 Katherine Singer Kovacs Award, presented by the Society for Cinema and Media Studies
    Title: Queer Cinema in the World
    Author: Karl Schoonover, Rosalind Galt
  • BookStatus We Dream Together
    Winner, 2018 Samuel and Ronnie Heyman Prize for Outstanding Scholarly Publication, presented by the Humanities Advisory Committee at Yale University
    Title: We Dream Together
    Author: Anne Eller
  • BookStatus The Great Woman Singer
    Winner of the 2018 Frank Bonilla Book Award, presented by the Puerto Rican Studies Association
    Title: The Great Woman Singer
    Author: Licia Fiol-Matta
  • BookStatus Everyday Conversions
    Winner, 2018 Fatima Mernissi Book Award, presented by the Middle East Studies Association
    Title: Everyday Conversions
    Author: Attiya Ahmad
  • BookStatus Hydraulic City
    Honorable Mention, 2018 James M. Blaut Award, presented by the Cultural and Political Ecology Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers (CAPE-AAG)
    Title: Hydraulic City
    Author: Nikhil Anand
  • BookStatus South of Pico
    Winner, 2018 American Book Award Winner, presented by the Before Columbus Foundation
    Title: South of Pico
    Author: Kellie Jones
  • BookStatus Critique of Black Reason
    Achille Mbembe is the recipient of the 2018 Gerda Henkel Prize.
    Title: Critique of Black Reason
    Author: Achille Mbembe
  • BookStatus Immediations
    Finalist, 2018 ASAP (Association for the Study of the Arts at the Present) Book Prize
    Title: Immediations
    Author: Pooja Rangan
  • BookStatus Dust of the Zulu
    Co-Winner, 2018 Alan Merriam Prize, presented by the Society for Ethnomusicology
    Title: Dust of the Zulu
    Author: Louise Meintjes
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