Mellon Diversity Fellowship- Editorial Associate

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  • Mellon Diversity Fellowship- Editorial Associate
    Books Editorial

    Duke University Press in conjunction with The Mellon University Press Diversity Fellowship program is seeking a fellow to fulfill a year-long, full time entry-level position at Duke University Press as an Editorial Associate to increase diversity in scholarly publishing. The fellow will be immersed in the acquisitions department working closely with senior acquisitions editors, authors, and projects through the entire acquisitions process. Through this apprenticeship, the Editorial Associate will be responsible for a number of essential tasks in the acquisitions process, and will be directly involved in reviewing and contracting manuscripts, and preparing manuscripts for production. The Fellow will attend the Association of American University Presses annual conferences at the beginning and the end of the year long program. The candidate should possess strong communication and organizational skills and have a desire to learn the ins and outs of scholarly publishing. This is a junior level position, designed as an entry into scholarly publishing and editorial acquisitions. To be considered for this fellowship your resume and/or cover letter must include:

    1. Evidence of superior academic achievement, either in fields relevant to diversity or in fields that correlate to the major lists of the participating presses.
    2. Sustained personal engagement with low income communities and/or communities within the US that are underrepresented in publishing and a demonstrated ability to bring the understandings gleaned from such engagement to the daily work of academic publishing
    3. Commitment to pursuing a career in academic publishing
    4. Commitment to the full participation and completion of a one year fellowship.

    M.A., M.S., or Ph.D.’s are encouraged to apply.

    If interested in applying follow the directions listed on the left to apply for the position prior to the close of the position on Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at 12 pm noon EST.

    Position closes on 03/15/2016. Please apply for requisition number 401069351.

  • Job Description:

    1. Editorial Assistance
      1. Assisting editors with screening manuscript proposals.
      2. Maintaining editorial records.
      3. Tracking projects through the acquisition process.
      4. Updating information in editorial database.
      5. Assisting editors with review process.
      6. Obtaining peer reviews of proposals and manuscripts.
      7. Communicating with reviewers and requesting honoraria.
      8. Preparing materials for contract approval and editorial board meetings.
      9. Drafting book descriptions for editorial board packets.
      10. Communicating with authors about manuscript and art preparation.
      11. Preparing manuscripts for transmittal into production. Organizing artwork and permissions.
      12. Communicating with production department about art and manuscript preparation
    2. Other
      1. Attend academic conference to represent Duke University Press.
      2. Performing routine clerical duties, such as drafting and mailing letters, making copies, and filing correspondence.
  • Education/Training

    • Work requires knowledge of basic mathematical, research and communications principles normally required through two years of postsecondary education.
  • Experience

    • Work generally requires four years of clerical or research experience to acquire strong skills in administrative or project research responsibilities as well as accepted office management, communications and research practices. A bachelor’s degree in a field of study directly related to the specific position may be substituted for the education and two years of the experience requirement. OR AN EQUIVALENT COMBINATION OR RELEVANT EDUCATION AND/OR EXPERIENCE

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