Project Editor (Asst. Managing Editor)

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  • Project Editor (Asst. Managing Editor)
    Editing, Design, and Production Group

    Duke University Press is seeking a Project Editor to support our Books EDP team. The Project Editor is responsible for project management of manuscript editing, proofreading, indexing, and production for 20 to 25 trade and scholarly books per year. The position is listed with the University as Job Code 1051, Job Level 10, and is eligible for full Duke University benefits. If interested in applying, an online application must be completed, including an electronic résumé and cover letter before close of the position At Noon On Monday, Sept. 18th. Please use requisition #401316229.

    Position closes on 09/18/2017. Please apply for requisition number 401316229.

  • Job Description:

    • Prefer broad knowledge of editorial styles and practices; prefer three years of experience in copyediting.
    • Required knowledge of Chicago Manual of Style author/date and numbered note reference styles.
    • Excellent skills in communication, time management & decision-making.
    • Excellent project management & people skills.
    • Technical requirements include word processing (electronic editing), Adobe Acrobat, database.
    1. Evaluating manuscripts for copyediting; purchasing copyediting and supervising freelance copyeditors; purchasing proofreading and supervising freelance proofreaders.
    2. Coordinating manuscript flow between author, copyeditor, compositor, and publisher; coordinating schedules and information flow internally; coordinating proof flow between author, typesetter, and publisher.
    3. Performing final quality check on final files before release to printer; monitoring quality, costs, and schedule throughout the book production cycle.
    4. Responsible for timely project management of editorial, proofreading, and indexing on assigned list of books, from manuscript transmittal to check of final files for printing.
    5. Maintains schedules throughout production; updates managing editor on all titles for schedule maintenance information in Title Management.
    6. Keeps up-to-date reports; responsible for informing managing editor about scheduling issues.
    7. Coordinates final book dates with managing editor as well as designers working on individual titles.
    • Responsible for overall quality of editing, proofreading, and production of individual list of books.
    • Evaluates manuscripts for completeness at assignment; prepares analysis of copyediting needs in collaboration with author
    • Hires and supervises copyeditors, proofreaders, indexers as needed; sends copyedited mss to authors for review; reviews author changes to copyedited ms; prepares ms for designer for interior text design; sends manuscript into typesetting
    • sends page proofs to authors and proofreaders for proofreading; reviews author changes in proofs; edits indexes; checks all subsequent passes of proof to ensure accuracy; checks final PDF files for printing; checks advance copies
    • Provides timely and thorough feedback on performance to freelancers
    • Supplies well-edited and well-prepared manuscripts for composition; oversees work done by compositors to ensure quality of pages and final files
    • Monitors costs for books produced, ensuring quality, schedule, and budget.
    • Determines copyediting and proofreading budget and schedules for freelance services
    • Approves invoices; keeps EDP director/managing editor and other departments informed of budget or author issues that could affect costs
    • Acts as liaison between authors and Duke University Press throughout production.
    • Establishes contact with author at project assignment; discusses manuscript with author before copyediting; communicates with author about copyediting; troubleshoots with author as necessary throughout copyediting, page proof, and index stages
    • Communicates schedules to authors and keeps authors informed about upcoming stages as well as potential delays
    • Edits and proofreads cover copy.
  • Education/Training

    Work requires communications, analytical and organizational skills generally acquired through completion of a bachelor's degree program.

  • Experience

    Work generally requires one year of editorial experience in a publishing or related setting to acquire skills necessary to assist in managing and coordinating a variety of tasks such as copy editing, researching and evaluating technical or scientific manuscripts for accuracy, clarity, content, and completeness, monitoring production schedules, proofreading galleys and page proofs and checking layout, and illustrations. OR AN EQUIVALENT COMBINATION OF RELEVANT EDUCATION AND/OR EXPERIENCE.

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