Books Production Manager

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  • Books Production Manager
    Editing, Design, and Production Group

    This position serves to develop, guide and manage long-term strategy for first printings, re-prints, and post-production publishing and asset management; actively manages and continually works to lower costs, ensure quality, and tighten schedules for manufacturing and e-files for all DUP books; manages timely publication of all DUP books with print vendors, overseeing work of production specialists; works proactively with print vendors for scale-priced titles as well as estimated titles; develops and continually updates DUP’s re-printing strategy and manages all reprints; develops and guides content management and re-purposing initiatives; works with team members on combined content initiatives, to support integration of journals and books electronic content.

    If interested in applying please complete the University-required application process, including an electronic résumé and cover letter before close of the position At NOON On Friday, Jan. 19th.

    Position closes on 01/19/2018. Please apply for requisition number 401338126.

  • Job Description:

    Print and Inventory Management

    • Assign printers and component vendors based on capabilities of vendors, best fit, prices, and schedules. Ensure that schedules are met, print orders are accurate, printer queries and issues are addressed, and invoices are processed accurately and promptly
    • Direct printers to ensure that DUP requirements, specs, schedules, and pricing are understood and followed; build and manage good working relationships with all vendors
    • Continually monitor changes in equipment and capability with vendors; using that information, monitor costs and look for potential cost savings
    • Set up and manage protocols for print-ready file assets management with all of DUP’s vendors
    • Identify cost savings in reprint and inventory management, balancing stock needs with fulfillment needs and staff overhead costs
    • Manage reprints and print-on-demand (POD) printing program
    • Manage, update, and report on all titles in Amazon print-on-demand and other POD programs, through Title Management (TM) data, Bibliovault (BV) data, and spreadsheets

    Electronic Production and Asset Management

    • Facilitate ongoing and new electronic initiatives and press-wide projects
    • Develop and manage digital archiving protocols
    • Order e-assets from vendors (e-pubs, UPDFs, and XML)
    • Manage and report on expected and actual delivery e-pub files to customers through BV deliveries
    • Track e-rights and limitations for text and art in books

    Analyze and Manage Printing and e-Assets Costs for an annual spend of approx. $1.6 million

    • Manage costs in the context of DUP’s financial goals while balancing quality and schedule; determine printing trends in order to identify cost-saving opportunities and alternate technologies and workflows
    • Estimate and track initial manufacturing and e-asset costs on all new book P&Ls; manage new title costs worksheets throughout production; ensure accurate, thorough, and on-time delivery of finalized new title costs worksheets
    • Manage so as to ensure that notifications of deliveries and costs on all new titles and reprints are prompt, and that proper financial reconciliations can be completed in a timely fashion
    • Approve manufacturing invoices for all new titles and reprints; ensure that all invoices are checked against quotes or scale pricing; troubleshoot invoice problems with vendors
    • Create, maintain and manage protocols and documentation to ensure complete and accurate accounting records

    Serve on hiring committees for EDP staff; serve as EDP representative on any e-publishing and asset management committees; work with various committees and managers on publications management issues.

    Travel to meetings and conventions to represent Duke University Press; take an active role on relevant committees of professional organizations. Establish connections with peers at other university presses for purposes of comparison and also for gathering ideas and data to actively engage in joint online-publishing initiatives.

  • Education/Training

    Work requires a general business background generally equivalent to a bachelor's degree in a business related field.

  • Experience

    Work requires 2 years related business or administrative experience to become familiar with general personnel practices, accounting and budgeting principles and coordination of major office activities. A master's degree in a business related field may be substituted for 2 years of experience. OR ANY OTHER EQUIVALENT COMBINATION OF RELEVANT EDUCATION AND/OR EXPERIENCE.

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