Business Manager, Accounting Team

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  • Business Manager, Accounting Team
    Administration Group

    Reporting to the Duke Press Director of Administration, and working in close conjunction with senior management and other internal teams, the Business Manager oversees and envisions all financial operations which support the publishing activities of Duke University Press (DUP). The Business manager creates, implements and maintains processes for control of all budgeted revenues and expenses, and of all DUP extra-budgetary accounts. Financial modeling, reporting and analysis are essential components of this position. With keen insight into systems, workflows, staff productivity and publishing operations, this position is responsible for ensuring financial standards and processes which conform to generally-accepted accounting principles and also adhere to Duke University guidelines. The Business Manager coordinates the annual DUP budget process and serves as a business advisor to DUP senior leadership.

    The successful candidate will have a strong financial background; will have demonstrated experience & ability in communicating effectively with diverse constituents; will possess management skills & a track record of functioning as a team leader.

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    Position closes on 01/8/2018. Please apply for requisition number 401361085.

  • Job Description:

    I. Planning, Staff Supervision and Oversight

      With a deep understanding of publishing goals, means & methods, the Business Manager oversees financial operations of the Press; establishes financial goals and expectations in the context of editorial, production, marketing and staffing plans; establishes annual goals for the Accounting team and individual team members; supervises, leads and develops staff members for maximum performance to goals.

      Working closely with Duke financial and accounting partners, including the Office of the Provost, the Business Manager ensures control of all DUP budgeted revenues and expenses through development and management of sound processes and procedures; provides specialized and industry-specific guidance to staff and leadership on issues related to financial reporting (both internal and external), generally-accepted accounting principles, and federal compliance and reporting requirements; oversees control of asset and liability accounts and all other extra-budgetary accounts; provides accurate, timely and clear reporting to leadership and to Duke partners.

    II. Continuous Improvement, Systems & Reporting

      Maximize productivity, efficiency, and accuracy of all accounting practices, utilizing internal software systems (Advantage, Title Management, SAP, PBF, etc); design, revise and produce useful, accurate & insightful financial and accounting reports for leadership and management.; utilize internal reports as well as industry benchmarking in support of dynamic business analysis to track progress & note adverse trends; make timely and appropriate recommendations regarding strategic opportunities & risks, alternatives and contingencies.

    III. Financial Leadership and Budget

      Establish criteria for evaluating financial performance of products, projects and investments; analyze and allocate costs for Duke Press projects; coordinate annual budgeting processes, working with Accounting staff and Duke Press leadership; provide financial leadership in support of DUP’s publishing and operational efficiency, innovation and development goals; assume lead role for all phases and cycles of the annual budgeting process (initial budget & re-budget; mid-year & third-quarter projections; year-end closure & all related documentation).

    IV. Communicate Financial Goals, Expectations & Data

      Provide all necessary financial data to DUP staff, University administration, authors, editors and donors. Ensure that DUP meets all contracted obligations to authors, editors, suppliers and partners with regard to financial matters.

      Represent DUP on University-wide committees and in meetings as needed; participate in learning and sharing opportunities within the publishing community; attend occasional business-related travel events.

  • Education/Training

    Work requires a Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Finance, Economics, Business Administration, Business Analytics or a related field.

  • Experience

    Work generally requires five years of experience in an accounting or budget review and analysis setting, to acquire considerable knowledge of generally-acceptable accounting practices and the ability to monitor and analyze fiscal operations, budget preparation and financial forecasts; and to develop and maintain accounting & analytical systems.

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