Digital Content Manager (Business Systems Analyst)

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  • Digital Content Manager (Business Systems Analyst)
    Digital Strategy and Systems

    Duke University Press is seeking a Digital Content Manager, with responsibility for creation and maintenance of DUP’s book and journal digital content standards (e.g., JATS, BITS, e-PUB), digital asset standards, and repository management. This position also provides analysis and project management for digital content and asset initiatives at Duke University Press.

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    Position closes on 12/10/2018. Please apply for requisition number 401517984.

  • Job Description:

    I. Analysis and Project Management
    • A. Analyze book and journal content against requirements for digital products to determine structural and semantic characteristics
    • B. Define, extend, and maintain XML and e-PUB tagging specifications that accurately support Press content and business rules; ensure that content is optimized for discoverability, accessibility, and user experience of digital environments
    • C. Provide subject matter expertise in how tagging specification supports or drives display and function of content in digital systems (online, e-readers, business systems)
    • D. Manage large-scale conversions and transformation projects
    • E. Plan and manage a continuous improvement program to correct errors, enhance digital content, and meet current and emerging business requirements; troubleshoot and remediate tagging errors
    • F. Manage the ingestion of digital content assets into press repositories and the delivery of partner-specific content packages to third parties
    II. Operations Management and Support
    • A. Establish and maintain a roadmap for the strategic extension and improvement of the Press’s digital content standards and practices
    • B. Budget annually for digital content projects and maintenance; manage budget throughout the year, including periodic reporting and timely and accurate payment of vendor invoices
    • C. Manage digital content and asset vendor relationships to maintain cost-effective and reliable sourcing for DUP content projects
    • D. Establish contracts, schedules, costs, and scope, and ensure the delivery of high-quality digital assets to DUP specification; conduct quality assurance on vendor content deliverables and practices
    • E. Participate in new product, systems, and platform planning to ensure content specifications support initiatives
    • F. Document content standards and practices; communicate standards and practices to staff and vendors to ensure the high quality and efficient publication of book and journal content online and the rapid dissemination of content to third parties; enforce compliance with standards
    • G. Work closely with internal stakeholders, suppliers, and digitization and conversion vendors to ensure understanding of and compliance with tagging specifications and other content management requirements
    III. Planning
    • A. Support the Associate Director for Digital Strategy and Systems in establishing the work team’s annual budget
    • B. Assist the Associate Director in the development of long-range plans for improving our digital platforms and products
    • C. Assist the Associate Director in identifying and incorporating new content standards and best practices
    IV. Other Related Job Duties incidental to the work described
  • Education/Training

    • Work requires a Bachelor's degree and two years or more of combined business/work analyst, software QA, or user support/training experience
  • Experience

    • Familiarity with content analysis (the ability to analyze content for structure and meaning)
    • Experience working with XML and related technologies
    • Experience managing successful digital projects
    • Ability to organize and prioritize work tasks
    • Excellent problem-solving abilities

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