• a Camera Obscura book

  • Series Editors

    Lynne Joyrich, Patricia White, Lalitha Gopalan, Bliss Cua Lim, Homay King, Tess Takahashi, Constance Penley, Sharon Willis

    Duke University Press Editors

  • Overview

    The Camera Obscura book series publishes cutting-edge feminist theoretical work on media and culture, extending the scope of Camera Obscura: Feminism, Culture, and Media Studies, the leading journal of feminism and film since 1976. Encouraging research on marginalized histories and perspectives, books in the series theorize media texts and forms while attending to the production and reception of cinema, television, photography, and other media. Whether examining television and race, national cinemas, feminist authorship, or documentary and experimental film, series authors use gender and sexuality as a vector of analysis that intersects with a range of theoretical frameworks and methodologies.

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