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  • Novel: A Forum on Fiction

    Academic Editor(s):
    Current Volume: 50
    Frequency: Three issues annually
    ISSN: 0029-5132
    e-ISSN: 1945-8509

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  • Editorial Office:
    Department of English
    Duke University
    314 Allen Building
    Box 90015
    Durham, NC 27708-0015
    919-613-6845, 919-613-6850
    919-613-6842 (fax)

    Nancy Armstrong, Duke University

    Associate Editors:
    Ellen Rooney
    Timothy Bewes
    John Marx
    Lloyd Pratt

    Assistant Editors:
    Edwige Crucifix
    Justin Mitchell

    Editorial Assistants:
    Emily Simon
    Matthew Taft

    Multimedia Editorial Assistant:
    Hannah Rogers

    Advisory Board:
    Amanda Anderson
    Jonathan Arac
    Rita Barnard
    Rey Chow
    Daniel Cottom
    Nicholas Daly
    Lennard J. Davis
    Madhu Dubey
    Ann duCille
    Ian Duncan
    Jane Elliott
    Jennifer Fleissner
    Anna Kornbluh
    John Plotz
    Kathy Alexis Psomiades
    Kent Puckett
    Bruce Robbins
    John Carlos Rowe
    Paul St. Amour
    Leonard Tennenhouse
    Jennifer Wicke

  • All manuscripts must conform to the most recent MLA Handbook guidelines, with in-text parenthetical documentation and a list of works cited. In addition, all manuscripts should be typed with size 12 font, 1 inch margins, and double-spacing. Informational footnotes should be kept to a minimum. Though we do not maintain formal length requirements, the editors recommend that all manuscripts remain within the range of 20–32 pages, including footnotes and works cited. Novel reserves the right to return submissions that do not meet these specifications.

    Manuscripts should be submitted electronically along with a cover letter containing all relevant contact information (e-mail, mailing address). Please name your submission in this format: <last name, first name, date>. Example: Armstrong, Nancy, 12-3-15. Name your cover letter in the format <last name, first name, date> Cover Letter. Example: Armstrong, Nancy, 12-3-15 Cover Letter. Electronic copies of the manuscript and cover letter should be sent in PDF format to novel.forum@duke.edu

    All submissions received will be acknowledged via e-mail upon arrival, and all official correspondence regarding the editors' decisions will also be sent by e-mail. Please keep us apprised of any anticipated changes of address or contact information.

    Novel's three-stage review process typically takes 12–16 weeks, allowing time for processing by the editorial staff, an initial editorial review, evaluation by external specialists in a relevant field, and, finally, review by the editorial board. Novel does not return or reconsider rejected manuscripts.

  • Rates

    Full Page B/W - 5" x 7.4": $300
    Banner Ad 1: $250
    Half Page B/W - 5" x 3.7": $225
  • Closing Dates

    Spring 2018 (51:1) - Closes 03/02/18
    Summer 2018 (51:2) - Closes 05/24/18
    Fall 2018 (51:3) - Closes 09/14/18
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  • Description

    Novel is the official journal of the Society for Novel Studies.

    Novel is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the best new criticism and theory in novel studies. The journal took up this mission in the days of formalism and has responded to the innovative moments in the field during the half-century that has elapsed since then—including ideology critique, feminist and critical race theory, poststructuralism, cultural studies, and new historicism—by publishing the most interesting new work on the novel. As globalization and crises in biopolitics and the environment rapidly increase, and as models of affect theory multiply, the novel and how we read it are undergoing a sea change. Novel is especially interested in theory and scholarship that address these changes in terms of their formal, historical, political, and/or epistemological significance.

    Abstractors and Indexers:

    Indexed/abstracted in the following: Academic Search Alumni Edition, Academic Search Complete, Academic Search Elite, Academic Search Premier, Arts and Humanities Citation Index, Current ContentsArts and Humanities, ERIH PLUS, Humanities and Social Sciences Index Retrospective: 19071992, Humanities Abstracts, Humanities Full Text, Humanities Index Retrospective: 19071990, Humanities International Complete, Humanities International Index, Humanities Source, Literary Reference Center, Literature Online, Magazines for Libraries, MasterFILE Complete, MasterFILE Elite, MasterFILE Premier, OmniFile Full Text Mega, OmniFile Full Text Select, Periodicals Index Online, ProQuest Central, ProQuest Research Library.

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