Latin American Studies Association

We regret that in the ongoing efforts to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we will be unable to meet with you in Guadalajara for the Latin American Studies Association conference. We want to highlight new titles that were scheduled to be featured in our program ad and hope you will visit our website for more details.

The LASA final program is online. The conference is going virtual.

Read Editorial Director Gisela Fosado's message to the LASA community and her recommendations for new titles.

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Concrete Dreams: Practice, Value, and Built Environments in Post-Crisis Buenos Aires

Nicholas D'Avella

Before the Flood: The Itaipu Dam and the Visibility of Rural Brazil

Jacob Blanc

Parenting Empires: Class, Whiteness, and the Moral Economy of Privilege in Latin America

Ana Y. Ramos-Zayas

A Revolution in Fragments: Traversing Scales of Justice, Ideology, and Practice in Bolivia

Mark Goodale

The Haiti Reader: History, Culture, Politics

Laurent Dubois, Kaiama L. Glover, Nadève Ménard, Millery Polyné, and Chantalle F. Verna, editors

The Last Good Neighbor: Mexico in the Global Sixties

Eric Zolov

Fencing in Democracy: Border Walls, Necrocitizenship, and the Security State

Miguel Díaz-Barriga and Margaret E. Dorsey

Fidel between the Lines: Paranoia and Ambivalence in Late Socialist Cuban Cinema

Laura-Zoë Humphreys

Revolutionary Positions: Sexuality and Gender in Cuba and Beyond

Michelle Chase, Isabella Close, Melina Pappademos, and Heidi Tinsman, special issue editors
A special issue of Radical History Review #136

The Government of Beans: Regulating Life in the Age of Monocrops

Kregg Hetherington

Home Rule: National Sovereignty and the Separation of Natives and Migrants

Nandita Sharma

Crossing Empires: Taking U. S. History into Transimperial Terrain

Kristin L. Hoganson and Jay Sexton, editors

Orozco's American Epic: Myth, History, and the Melancholy of Race

Mary K. Coffey