Middle East Studies Association

We regret that we cannot greet our authors, editors, and readers in person at the Middle East Studies Association conference this year. Below, we've highlighted journals and titles that we wished to share in the exhibit hall.

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Read the discussion with editors Elizabeth Ault and Sandra Korn on the DUP blog as they discuss new titles in Middle East Studies.

Journal of Middle East Women's Studies

Soha Bayoumi, Sherine Hafez, and Ellen McLarney, editors
Recent special issue: "Literature, Activism, and Gendered Intimacy in Modern and Contemporary Iran"

Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East

Marwa Elshakry, Steven Pierce, and Anupama Rao, editors

Revolution and Disenchantment: Arab Marxism and the Binds of Emancipation

Fadi A. Bardawil

The Moral Triangle: Germans, Israelis, Palestinians

Sa′ed Atshan and Katharina Galor

Tehrangeles Dreaming: Intimacy and Imagination in Southern California's Iranian Pop Music

Farzaneh Hemmasi

Voluminous States: Sovereignty, Materiality, and the Territorial Imagination

Franck Billé, editor

The Academic′s Handbook, Fourth Edition: Revised and Expanded

Lori A. Flores and Jocelyn H. Olcott, editors

The Licit Life of Capitalism: US Oil in Equatorial Guinea

Hannah Appel