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We recommend that authors complete a profile with Kudos, a service that “helps researchers explain, enrich and share their publications for greater research impact” ( Kudos allows authors to create a lay abstract, enrich the content with links to related materials, and distribute the article through social sharing, increasing readership by an average of 19%. Authors receive access to a dashboard where they can track how often their article is read and cited. This service is currently being used by tens of thousands of authors worldwide. Kudos won the 2014 Charleston Advisor Reader's Choice Award for Best New End User Product, which recognizes the best digital services for academia, and the 2015 Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers Award for Innovation in Publishing. To learn more about Kudos, visit

How does Kudos work?

After researchers register to use Kudos, various steps prompt them to explain their publications, add context to them and enrich them with links to images, data, and other resources, and share information about their publications via social networks and e-mail. The Kudos platform distributes the additional content and links to aid discoverability of publications. Kudos also provides widgets that can be easily embedded into webpages to present researchers' lay abstracts on their own sites.

Why should I register?

With over one million research articles published every year, it's increasingly difficult for important publications to be noticed. Kudos helps authors bring their work to the attention of their peers, the media, and broader audiences both in and outside their specialist communities. Kudos gives them a way to claim and explain their research that amplifies its impact and takes only about twenty minutes per article.

How do I register for Kudos?

To set up an account, go to the website at and click on Register. Complete the New User section. Select career stage and country from the drop-down menus. Type your institution's name in the box exactly as it is formally known; it is very important that you add this field and that the name is displayed correctly, because your identification with that institution can further increase the impact of your publications. Check the terms and conditions, then click Register to proceed.

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