• Mathematics at Duke

    Duke University Press has been publishing mathematics scholarship for over 80 years. Our in-house editorial, design, and production team specializes in mathematics publishing and technology, and all Duke University Press mathematics journals are hosted on Project Euclid. For more information, download this postcard or contact Erich Staib, Senior Editor.

  • Journals

  • Mohammad Sal Moslehian, editor in chief
  • Mohammad Sal Moslehian, editor in chief
  • Jonathan Wahl, managing editor
  • Masaki Izumi and Yoshinori Namikawa, editors in chief
  • Michael Detlefsen and Anand Pillay, editors
  • Electronic Collections

  • The Project Euclid Partnership

    Duke University Press and Cornell University Library jointly manage Project Euclid, an online platform for mathematics and statistics journals.

    Project Euclid's mission is to provide powerful, low-cost online hosting and publishing services for theoretical and applied mathematics and statistics scholarship worldwide. As a nonprofit, community-driven international partnership of academic libraries, independent and society scholarly publishers, and scholars, Project Euclid actively supports broad, sustainable access to this scholarship.

  • High-Quality Editing and Production at Duke University Press
    • • We provide a robust, fully supported manuscript submission and peer-review system.
    • • We provide specialized math editing and production services and expertise. Using the latest LaTeX composition tools and MathJax, mathematical language is displayed beautifully online and in print.
    • • We work with our authors to ensure that language is clear and correct and that terms and notation are used consistently within articles. We provide marked-up manuscripts with tracked changes to facilitate the authors' review of proofs.
    • • We carefully check all bibliographic information in reference lists, and we initiate reference linking by adding DOIs and MathSciNet and zbMATH identifiers to each reference entry, when available.

    Online and Print Publication
    • • For all of our journals, we provide screen-enhanced PDFs that include active internal links, such as cross-references within an article, as well as active external ones that link reference entries to their actual location or to reviews of those works in MathSciNet or zbMATH.
    • • We offer advance publication, or online publication ahead of print. These articles are copyedited, typeset, reviewed by the authors, corrected, assigned a DOI, and then posted online in PDF. They are later assigned to an issue and printed.
    • • Open access options are available for some journals.
    • • We share bibliographic information with arXiv to establish links from earlier draft (preprint) versions of articles to their final published versions on Project Euclid.

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