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  • Metabolic Living
    Metabolic Living • Harris Solomon
    In Metabolic Living Harris Solomon recasts these narratives by examining how people in Mumbai, India, experience the porosity between food, fat, the body, and the city.
  • Critical Ethnic Studies
    Critical Ethnic Studies • Critical Ethnic Studies Editorial Collective
    Building on the intellectual and political momentum that established the Critical Ethnic Studies Association, this Reader inaugurates a radical response to the appropriations of liberal multiculturalism while building on the possibilities enlivened by the historical work of Ethnic Studies.
  • Beyond the Whiteness of Whiteness
    Beyond the Whiteness of Whiteness • Jane Lazarre
    In this moving memoir, Jane Lazarre, the white Jewish mother of now adult Black sons, offers a powerful meditation on motherhood and racism in America as she tells the story of how she came to understand the experiences of her African American husband, their growing sons, and their extended family.

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