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    Members of the Duke University Press site may create a reading list containing the titles of books, journals or journal special issues of their chosing. Below are reading lists created that relate to the discipline, Asian Studies. Click a reading list name to view titles on that list.

Reading List Name Date Last Modified Created By Tags
Carole McGranahan's Top Asian Studies Books 05/03/13 LAURA SELL
Globalizing Southeast Asia 09/07/12 MELISA CASUMBAL Marx, ideality, materiality
Orin Starn's Top Five 04/17/13 LAURA SELL Orin Starn
Places to Visit 04/09/10 jessica lucas travel, international studies, culture
Politics 05/09/18 Ana Vivaldi
some terrific books, part 1 05/16/13 Katie Courtland
some terrific books, part 2 05/16/13 Katie Courtland
Spring Sale 05/14/13 SEAN WANG
Spring Sale Bargains 04/23/13 Michael McCullough
Spring Sale Bargains 04/23/13 Michael McCullough