Climate Change

Climate change may be an issue primarily taken up by natural scientists, but it’s also been the subject of close analysis from scholars in the humanities and social sciences. From David McDermott Hughes’s investigation of why climate change has yet to be seen as a moral issue to Candis Callison’s ethnographic exploration of the scientists, journalists, and leaders calling for action, the books and journals in this list approach climate change from a variety of critical angles in both the social and natural sciences. Other works include an issue of Public Culture devoted to analyzing climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in cities around the world; a South Atlantic Quarterly issue that addresses the emergence of global warming discourse in fields like history, journalism, anthropology, and the visual arts; and Orrin and Keith Pilkey’s primer on the science of global change and its effects. Environmental activists and scholars will find these works valuable in refining their understandings of climate change and furthering critical thought in the field.