From baseball and NASCAR to professional wrestling, the critical study of sport engages with the myriad ways sport shapes and is shaped by culture, history, and politics. The included books examine, among other topics, how sport come to represent cultural and national identity throughout the world, the ways gender and sexuality norms shape the experience of figure skating, and how the culture of surfing has affected and been affected by girls. Fans of C. L. R. James and/or cricket will encounter a 50th anniversary edition of his classic work Beyond a Boundary, while Orin Starn's The Passion of Tiger Woods will be appeal to all those interested in golf, celebrity culture, and the role of the sports hero. Two special issues of South Atlantic Quarterly and one special issue of Radical History Review engage with a wide range of topics that include sports talk radio; boxing; the intersection of sport and politics; soccer fandom; and the ways sport leads to empowerment, disempowerment, inclusion, and exclusion. Utilizing a variety of theoretial frameworks and methodologies, these studies of sport provide deep insights into one of the world's largest sources and spaces of recreation, pleasure, business, and identity.