Care in Uncertain Times Syllabus

Date Published: 3/25/2020

As we collectively deal with the implications of social distancing, stay-at-home orders, and a global pandemic, questions of care and self-care have become ever more important. These books, issues, and articles investigate different ways that care can bind together individuals and communities where larger institutions or governments fail to intervene. They show how radical care is essential to enduring precarity and to laying the groundwork for new futures.

All book introductions are freely available.

Radical Care

Hi‘ilei Julia Kawehipuaakahaopulani Hobart and Tamara Kneese, editors
Social Text 142, 2020

Medicine Stories: Essays for Radicals

Aurora Levins Morales

#WhenIFellInLoveWithMyself: Disrupting the Gaze and Loving Our Black Womanist Self As an Act of Political Warfare

Jameta N. Barlow
Meridians 15:1, 2016

Normal Life: Administrative Violence, Critical Trans Politics, and the Limits of Law

Dean Spade

AIDS and the Distribution of Crises

Jih-Fei Cheng, Alexandra Juhasz, and Nishant Shahani, editors

Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness, and Liberation

Eli Clare

Deviant Care for Deviant Futures: QTBIPoC Radical Relationalism as Mutual Aid against Carceral Care

Ren-yo Hwang
TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly 6:4, 2019

Pushback: A Pedagogy of Care

Ersula Ore
Pedagogy 17:1, 2017

Decolonizing Extinction: The Work of Care in Orangutan Rehabilitation

Juno Salazar Parreñas

Violence against Women: We Need a Transnational Analytic of Care

Elora Halim Chowdhury
Tikkun 29:1, 2014

Brilliant Imperfection: Grappling with Cure

Eli Clare

Caring for Another Woman

Karen An-Hwei Lee
Meridians 7:1, 2006

Human Rights and the Care of the Self

Alexandre Lefebvre

After War: The Weight of Life at Walter Reed  

Zoë H. Wool

Giuseppe Campuzano's Afterlife: Toward a Travesti Methodology for Critique, Care, and Radical Resistance

Malú Machuca Rose
TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly 6:2, 2019

The Need to Help: The Domestic Arts of International Humanitarianism

Liisa H. Malkki

Improvising Medicine: An African Oncology Ward in an Emerging Cancer Epidemic

Julie Livingston

Worldly Ethics: Democratic Politics and Care for the World

Ella Myers

Critique as Care

Mayanthi Fernando
Critical Times 2:1, 2019

The Occupied Clinic: Militarism and Care in Kashmir

Saiba Varma
Forthcoming October 2020