Environmentalism and Climate Change Syllabus

Date Published: 11/7/2019

Our syllabi series highlights articles, books, and journal issues that encourage discussion of today’s most pressing issues. Selections in this syllabus explore environmentalism and climate change. Topics include climate change, environmental crisis, life in the Anthropocene, climate fiction, environmental racism, and environmental history.

All book introductions are freely available.

Sea Level Rise: A Slow Tsunami on America's Shores

Orrin H. Pilkey and Keith C. Pilkey

The Slow Poisoning of Black Bodies: A Lesson in Environmental Racism and Hidden Violence

Rita Turner
Meridians 15:1, 2016

Indigenous Resistance in an Era of Climate Change Crisis

Kalamaoka’aina Niheu
Radical History Review 133, 2019

Infrastructure, Environment, and Life in the Anthropocene

Kregg Hetherington

Climate Change and the Future of Cities: Mitigation, Adaptation, and Social Change on an Urban Planet

Eric Klinenberg, editor
Public Culture 79, 2016

Climate Trauma, or the Affects of the Catastrophe to Come

Michael Richardson
Environmental Humanities 10:1, 2018

Climate Change and the Production of Knowledge

Ian Baucom and Matthew Omelsky, editors
South Atlantic Quarterly 116:1, 2017

Toward a Critical Ocean Studies for the Anthropocene

Elizabeth DeLoughrey
English Language Notes 57:1, 2019

The Influence of Climate Fiction: An Empirical Survey of Readers

Matthew Schneider-Mayerson
Environmental Humanities 10:2, 2018

A Primer for Teaching Environmental History: Ten Design Principles

Emily Wakild and Michelle K. Berry