Trans Rights Syllabus

Date Published: 11/7/2019

Our syllabi series highlights articles, books, and journal issues that encourage discussion of today’s most pressing issues. The selections in our Trans Rights syllabus address trans rights and politics on a global scale. Topics include black trans feminisms, coalitional models of social justice, surgery, disability, surveillance, and more.

All book introductions are freely available.

The Atmosphere of Trans* Politics in the Global North and West

Yv E. Nay
TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly 6:1, 2019

Is Transmisogyny Killing Trans Women of Color?: Black Trans Feminisms and the Exigencies of White Femininity

Elías Cosenza Krell
TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly 4:2, 2017

Going Stealth: Transgender Politics and U.S. Surveillance Practices

Toby Beauchamp

Certificates of Live Birth and Dead Names: On the Subject of Recent Anti-Trans Legislation

Amanda Armstrong
South Atlantic Quarterly 116:3, 2017

Antitrans State Terrorism: Trans and Travesti Women, Human Rights, and Recent History in Chile

Hillary Hiner, Juan Carlos Garrido, and Brigette Walters
TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly 6:2, 2019

Normal Life: Administrative Violence, Critical Trans Politics, and the Limits of Law

Dean Spade

Why We Forget the Pulse Nightclub Murders: Bodies That (Never) Matter and a Call for Coalitional Models of Queer and Trans Social Justice

Elijah Adiv Edelman
GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies 24:1, 2018

The Look of a Woman: Facial Feminization Surgery and the Aims of Trans- Medicine

Eric Plemons

Surgical Subjects and the Right to Transgender Health in Brazil

Joshua Franklin
TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly 5:2, 2018

Bodies with New Organs: Becoming Trans, Becoming Disabled

Jasbir K. Puar
Social Text 124, 2015

Radical Inclusion: Recounting the Trans Inclusive History of Radical Feminism

Cristan Williams
TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly 3:1–2, 2016

Performing Piety in Pakistan’s Transgender Rights Movement

Claire Pamment
TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly 6:3, 2019