Project Euclid Platform Migration FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions


When will the migration take effect (the new site launches and the old site goes down)?

The migration is tentatively scheduled for February 10, 2021. We will confirm the date and time when we are closer to launch.

Where can I access the new content site?

Project Euclid will continue to be hosted at

What content is affected by the platform change?

All content hosted on will be affected. KBART title lists are available on KBART title lists page.

What do I do if my library loses access during the transition?

Please contact Sending questions to this address allows us to efficiently track and provide answers to your questions, making sure we direct your questions appropriately. 

Will my institution have access to both platforms simultaneously?

No. The existing content URLs will redirect to the new platform at launch. This redirect process takes a short period of time to complete. Once that has happened, you will be unable to access the old platform.

Will the URLs change? When will they be available?

Yes, the URLs for all publications will change. All URLs on the retired platform will redirect to the new platform. The current "Title Crosswalk" includes new journal-level URLs and will be updated with book and proceedings-level URLs when that information has been finalized. We are also working with library service and discovery vendors to ask that the URLs in their knowledge bases be updated well in advance of launch.

Will I be able to test the new site prior to launch?

Yes, librarian account administrators were invited to begin testing a preview version of the site in November 2020. If you need access to the test site and have not received the URL, please contact

Will my platform administrator username and password change? 

Yes. We will be contacting library account administrators with instructions on how to sign in and update your account. 

I have multiple administrative accounts on Project Euclid. Will this change on the new platform?

Yes. There will be one user account for all of your institutional holdings on Project Euclid. The new platform will not allow multiple accounts to hold overlapping IP addresses. We will provide more information on administration accounts as it becomes available.

What features will be available through my library administration account on the new platform?

You will be able to update your contact information and IP addresses; pull usage statistics; review access and entitlements; monitor abuse logs; and control the institutional branding displayed to your patrons.

Will all of the book and journal content be available on the new platform when it launches?

Yes, 100% of our content will be available on the new platform at launch. We are not migrating in stages. 

Will my usage statistics for Project Euclid content hosted on the retiring platform be available on the new platform?

COUNTER 5 reports and data starting with January 2019 will be loaded into the new library administration tools. Older usage from the current platform will not migrate to the new platform. You will need to pull all of your institution’s historical usage statistics from Project Euclid before the new site launches. We will provide deadlines for downloading historical usage at a later date.

What happens if the migration timeline is delayed?

The information we have provided is up to date. If the timeline changes, we will update Project Euclid Platform Migration page and be in contact with account administrators.

What do I need to do right now?

  1. Invite all affected colleagues to sign up for our mailing list
  2. Keep an eye out for future announcements.

More information

More information will be available in the weeks to come. You can find these questions and answers at our platform migration webpage. And you can always email us at