Mathematics products

Mathematics Products

Duke University Press has been publishing mathematics scholarship for over 80 years, including one of the leading journals in its field, Duke Mathematical Journal. Our in-house editorial, design, and production team specializes in mathematics publishing and technology. We form strong, inclusive relationships with our partners, from the journals we publish to Project Euclid and MSP (Mathematical Sciences Publishers). 

Our Mathematics Journals

We publish math journals hosted on Project Euclid:

We also sell two collections of math content, Euclid Prime and MSP on Euclid

Project Euclid is a nonprofit, university-based online hosting platform for mathematics supported by Duke University Press and the Cornell University Library. Its mission is to provide powerful, low-cost publishing services for mathematics and statistics scholarship. 

Euclid Prime

Librarians can purchase Euclid Prime, a collection of titles in mathematics and statistics from independent publishers located around the world, hosted on Project Euclid and sold by Duke University Press.

MSP on Euclid 

MSP (Mathematical Sciences Publishers), Project Euclid, and Duke University Press have partnered to offer MSP on Euclid, a collection of the same eleven journals published and sold as a bundle by MSP but now enhanced by the functionality of the Project Euclid platform.

Mathematics products