Rights and Permissions

General information

Editors are responsible for ensuring that their authors acquire the necessary permissions to reprint artwork and written material in their journal. An author's publication agreement assures the Press that he or she has secured the necessary permissions and that the work does not infringe on anyone's copyright.

Authors are responsible for acquiring any permissions needed for inclusion in their articles of artwork or written materials that belong to some other party. There are some cases in which authors may not need permission to use certain nonoriginal images or portions of text when material is in the public domain. In addition, Duke University Press strongly supports fair use. If the article analyzes the image(s) or text in question, we recommend that the author(s) consider making a fair-use claim before asking a rights holder for permission to reproduce the material.

Resources for securing permissions and documenting materials

Read the links and materials below to learn more about securing permissions or how to document any images or text that fall under fair use or public domain.


If you have general questions about permissions issues, especially about fair use, contact the journal's editorial office. Contact information is available on the journal’s Press webpage.

You may also wish to seek advice from university counsel before deciding whether you can claim fair use.