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Should you have a question or concern or need help finding specific information, please contact us.

Online access is available to institutional subscribers of Duke University Press journals and electronic collections. If your institution purchased a print + electronic, an electronic-only subscription or an electronic collection, you are entitled to access the content of the journal. Please download the title list to find the journals and electronic collections offered online.

For activation instructions, please visit "Electronic Access" from the navigation options to the right and select the appropriate product.

Your customer number is the same as your Duke University Press account number, which is necessary to activate Duke University Press journals hosted on HighWire Press. This number is located on the mailing label of your print copy of the journal as well as on your renewal notice. If you are unable to locate this number, please contact Customer Relations at subscriptions@dukeupress.edu or call 919-688-5134.

If your institution has a current subscription, you are entitled to view all available back issues. Institutions are entitled to perpetual access only to content for which they have paid.

Institutions will retain access to content from years for which they have paid. For example, if an institution purchases a subscription for 2016, the institution will retain perpetual access to the 2016 content.

Duke University Press requires a signed site license agreement for electronic access to the Duke Mathematical Journal, the Duke Mathematical Journal: Volumes 1-100, the e-Duke Books Scholarly Collection, the e-Duke Journals Scholarly Collections and Euclid Prime. Visit our site license page to download a license and for more information.

Yes. Duke University Press provides renewing institutions with a 90-day grace access period beginning January 1 of each calendar year to allow institutions uninterrupted access.

A pay-per-view option for titles hosted on our Silverchair site is forthcoming. Please visit projecteuclid.org/browse to search for Project Euclid-hosted titles and to view their pay-per-view options."

Yes. Visit the usage statistics page for usage statistics information options and instructions.

Yes. Journals hosted on Silverchair and Project Euclid are compliant as a target, meaning that OpenURL resolvers can link to the content they host. Resolution is possible because our platforms support a consistent format for URLs. For more information on OpenURL management for our Project Euclid-hosted journals, click here.

Please download the title list to find URLs for all Duke University Press titles.

Please contact us with any questions or feedback.

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