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This online resource area has been created to streamline access to information about journals, books, and electronic collections for institutional subscribers, vendors, and consortia. The most frequently requested documents are available for download.

  • New Digital Products Platform Coming in 2018
    We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Silverchair Information Systems. Our humanities and social sciences content will be available on the Silverchair platform in January 2018. Visit our Platform Migration Resource Page for additional details.
  • 2017 Pricing is now available for journals and all electronic collections.
  • New Journals
    We are pleased to announce that Archives of Asian Art and Qui Parle will join Duke University Press for 2017.
  • Video: Journal Publishing at Duke University Press
    Watch our video about the journals program at Duke University Press, the support we bring to our publishing partnerships, and our ambitions for the future.
  • Journal Publishing Blog Series
    Learn about journal publishing at Duke University Press by reading our informative blog series.

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