General Subscription and Electronic Collection Terms

Important: A change to Duke University Press commission policies for subscription agents will take effect with the 2017 volume orders. Please select the Commissions tab to the right for details on the new policy.

  • General Subscription Terms

    Subscriptions from agents are accepted on a volume and calendar-year basis only. End User Information must be provided for each order. Format (print-only, electronic-only, print-plus-electronic) must be indicated on the order. Shipping method must be indicated for orders shipped outside the US. Orders must be sent to Customer Relations.

    Subscriptions at Individual Rates

    It is our policy to accept subscriptions at individual rates only when they are paid by personal check or credit card. We assume that all domestic subscriptions paid through institutional funds, including those paid through subscription agencies, should be billed at the institutional rate. We continue to accept agency payments on behalf of individual subscribers outside the US so long as full end-user address information is provided.

    Renewal Invoices and Notices

    Renewal orders are processed more promptly if they include our customer account numbers. Please note renewal notices are not sent to institutions subscribing through agents or consortia.

    Print Claims and Shipping

    Claims for missing issues are honored for one year following the date of shipment. Only issues that have been lost or damaged in transit will be replaced free of charge. One claim is permitted per issue. Subsequent replacement copies must be purchased. Domestic subscribers should allow four to six weeks for delivery of issues. Subscribers outside the US should allow 60-90 days for delivery of issues. Airmail and express delivery rates are available upon request.

  • Electronic Access

    Most Duke University Press journals are accessed electronically via HighWire Press. The Duke Mathematical Journal, DMJ 100, Kyoto Journal of Mathematics, Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic, and the Euclid Prime collection are accessed via Project Euclid.

    The e-Duke Books Scholarly Collection and subject collections are accessed via Individual book titles in electronic format are also available from select vendors, including EBSCO and ProQuest.

  • Site License Agreements

    Site license agreements are required for the following:

    • e-Duke Journals Scholarly Collections
    • e-Duke Books Scholarly Collection
    • Gender Studies e-book collection
    • Latin American Studies e-book collection
    • Euclid Prime
    • Duke Mathematical Journal
    • Duke Mathematical Journal: Volumes 1-100

    Visit the Site License landing page to download a license or for more information.

    Duke University Press is a Shared e-Resource Understanding (SERU) participant. Please contact for more information.

  • A change to Duke University Press commission policies for subscription agents will take effect with the 2017 volume orders. The commission on all single-title journal orders will increase from 2.5% to 3% for any subscription agent that satisfies our updated requirements. Commission for electronic collections will remain unchanged. To be eligible for commission, agents must provide the following items for each order:

    • • end user address
    • • shipping address (print orders only)
    • • Duke University Press customer number for renewals
    • • agent reference number
    • • prepayment (proof of wire payments required)
    • • product and volume year
    • • institutional contact information, including customer e-mail address
    • • IP addresses (for orders with an electronic component)
    • • electronic files in ICEDIS format for 20 orders or more

    If the above information is not provided, Duke University Press reserves the right to reduce the commission rate to zero for the next volume year. We also reserve the right to return orders and request additional information, either from the subscription agent or directly from the institution.

    To be immediately eligible for the higher commission when it goes into effect in 2017, subscription agents should comply with the new requirements for the current year's (2016) orders. Duke University Press will review orders to assess the rate of compliance and alert agents at the time the next year's pricing is released to determine any change in commission for the coming volume year. Agents must submit complete information (as listed above) for at least 80% of orders to be considered compliant with the new policy.

    Electronic Collection Orders

    New orders are defined as customers who have not previously purchased a particular product, not customers who are new to a particular agent or consortium.

    e-Duke Journals Scholarly Collections

    Agents and consortia receive a 5% commission on renewal orders. For new orders, agents and consortia are eligible for a one-time 10% commission.

    e-Duke Books Scholarly Collection

    Agents, consortia, and book wholesalers receive a 10% commission on new and renewal orders. This includes our e-book subject collections.

    Euclid Prime

    Agents and consortia receive a 5% commission on collection renewal orders. For new orders, agents and consortia are eligible for a one-time 10% commission.

    Duke Mathematical Journal: Volumes 1-100

    Agents and consortia receive a 5% commission on outright purchases as well as new and renewal orders of DMJ 100.

  • Payment Terms

    All orders are to be prepaid, including postage charges. Customers are responsible for any bank fees associated with wire transfers. Incorrect payments will be returned.

    All payments must be remitted in US dollars and by draft payable on a US bank. Orders may be charged to MasterCard, VISA, or American Express. All other forms of payment will be returned unless special permission has been granted. Our federal ID number is 56-0532129.

    No returns will be accepted.

    All subscriptions must be paid at current prices, regardless of the volume being ordered. Duke University Press releases new subscription and collection prices each summer.

    e-Duke Journals Scholarly Collection customers are eligible for a 70% discount on print copies of titles included in the purchased collection. This discount must be claimed when the order for the print copy is submitted. Overpayments of deep discount price (DDP) will not be refunded.

    Postage for Back Volumes/Single Issues

    Postage varies based on location and shipping method.

  • Wire Transfers

    Customers outside the US may submit payment via wire transfer. Please contact Customer Relations for banking information.

    Once the wire transfer is complete, send an acknowledgment e-mail to with the following information:

    • Total amount of transfer
    • Customer's full shipping address
    • Duke University Press account or invoice number, if known
    • Description of items purchased with incoming funds

    Duke University Press is not responsible for delays caused by wire transfers sent without the information listed above. Customers are responsible for any bank fees associated with wire transfers. If the amount remitted does not cover these fees, content will not be served until full payment is received.

  • Cancellations and Changes

    Cancellation Policy

    No refund will be made once the first issue of a journal subscription has been served. Print back-issue orders cannot be canceled or returned once issues have been shipped.

    Change of Address

    Please notify us of address changes by contacting Customer Relations, supplying both the old address and the new one. Duke University Press cannot forward issues returned by the post office without written notice of the new address from the customer or the vendor.

    Format Changes to Subscriptions

    A downgraded subscription is a print-plus-electronic subscription that is changed to a print-only or electronic-only subscription. Downgraded orders will not be accepted once the first issue of a journal subscription has been served.

    An upgraded subscription is a print-only or electronic-only subscription that is changed to a print-plus-electronic subscription. Upgrade requests will be accepted at any time. Please allow six weeks for processing from the time that payment is received by Duke University Press. Upgraded accounts will not receive online access until payment has been processed.

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