Support for Society Officers

We work collaboratively with societies to offer a range of services, including annual reporting, membership management, marketing support, and customer service.

  • Communication

    To streamline communication, the Press has one main liaison for society officers. The Press's society liaison will make sure that your questions are addressed by the appropriate person at the Press; the liaison also prepares regular reports, stays in contact with editors and society officers, and regularly attends society meetings. For more information, please contact the Press's society liaison.

  • Annual Reporting

    As stated in the publishing agreement with each society, the Press prepares financial and circulation reports for the society in the early fall, after the close of the Press's fiscal year. These reports also are made available at the society's annual meeting. If interim reports are needed, simply contact the Press's society liaison.

  • Membership Management

    The Press plays an active role in keeping your society members up-to-date and society officers informed of membership status. Find out more by visiting our membership management page.

  • Marketing Support

    The Press works with each society to create a marketing plan tailored to your society's needs. We depend on our societies to keep us informed in advance of society annual conferences, panels, events, and other publicity opportunities in which we may participate or provide marketing support. Each society is promoted on our Web site with a page that highlights the society's benefits of membership, provides information about the society journal, and allows members to join online.

  • Customer Service

    Please see Customer Service FAQ. The Customer Service Department processes all journal and book orders and initiates the electronic access process. The department also works with customers to resolve customer service issues and concerns. Please direct questions or comments about subscriptions, claims, quotes, address changes, and other customer service issues to the Customer Service Department by telephone at 888-651-0122 (toll-free in the U.S. and Canada) or 919-688-5134; by fax at 888-651-0124 (toll-free in the U.S. and Canada) or 919-688-2615; or by e-mail at

  • Production Communication

    If a society should have questions or concerns about the production of its journal, we encourage the society first to contact the Press's society liaison, who can coordinate any discussion with the Press production staff. The journal's editorial office, which is in frequent contact with production personnel, can also answer many questions related to the journal's publication and can communicate with the appropriate production personnel.

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