Archives of Asian Art 60:1

An issue of: Archives of Asian Art

Archives of Asian Art 60:1
Journal Issue Volume 60, Number 1 Published: 2010 An issue of Archives of Asian Art
This issue features essays on Shichibutsu Yakushi iconography; the excavated caves, rock-cut monoliths, sculpted stone tableaux, and structural temples of Mamallapuram; Buddhist stone scriptures in sixth-century Chinese cave-temples; an exhibition review of Buddhist Sculpture from China,  a collection of more than seventy stone and clay objects shown at the China Institute Gallery in New York City; and an analysis of the work of the Korean art historian Ko Yu-seop. Contributors include Richard Davis, Vidya Dehejia, A. F. Howard, Sonya S. Lee, Rob Linrothe, Amy McNair, Yui Suzuki, and Kim Youngna.


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