Series Detail

Experimental Futures

Series editor(s):

Michael M. J. Fischer, Joseph Dumit


Experimental Futures brings together theoretically innovative, ethnographically rich interdisciplinary work that is emerging in response to the uneven networks and differentiating cultures brought about by globally extended, as well as locally produced, biotechnologies, information technologies, digital humanities, bio and electronic arts. Experimental Futures is home to scholarship produced at the intersection of anthropology, science and technology studies, medicine, political economy, and studies of new media and arts.  Experimental Futures calls for a new generation of robust switches to translate legacy genealogies into new and different public futures. Culturally and cosmo-politically, Experimental Futures provides alternative proving grounds of modernities attuned to the current wave of globalization in which the calls are sent from and routed through switches, transducers, and translations in Amsterdam, Istanbul, the hinterlands of Hong Kong, the networking of Bandung, the organizing of Puerto Alegre and the conflicted political economies of Mumbai; and from the historical contexts of epistemologies and epistemes of the twentieth century to the competing promissory bets on futures, on worlds to come.