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Latin America Otherwise

Series editor(s):

Walter D. Mignolo, Irene Silverblatt, Sonia Saldívar-Hull


The Latin America Otherwise book series was initiated in 1997, in the heated debates on the crisis of area studies in the United States (for which Latin America was an object of study). In Latin America the growing intellectual, literary, artistic and social thoughts was showing that rather than an object Latin America was an incredible potent place of “independent thought in search of South American and Caribbean Freedom.” In 10 years we accomplished a lot, and history has helped us. Indigenous scholars and intellectuals flourished in the Andes, Southern Mexico and Central America. The reach legacies of English, French and Spanish Caribbean social thoughts, literary production and artistic creativity have grown with us. The Latino/as in the US had also sedimented their presence in the life of a increasingly epistemica and artistically diverse country. “Latin American Otherwise, Second Epoch” would like to increase the publication of works by scholars, intellectuals and artists from different spheres of South and Central America, Andean, Caribbean and Latino/as and to make a stronger contribution in the field of artistic creativity, artistic and literary theories, social thoughts, and philosophical debates emerging from the ethnic, gender and sexual diversity in Latin America intellectual field. In this way, our initial intent of recognizing that Latin America as a the name of a subcontinent and at the same time to acknowledge that it respond to an epoch and to the interests of certain sector of the population in Latin America and to a certain spheres of the scholarship in the US an Western Europe, will be maintained and the quest toward the next stage in the global order will continue.

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