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Living with the Shore

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Orrin H. Pilkey, William J. Neal


Duke University Press has published a series, Living with the Shore, to educate the determined shore dweller. Maps show what is happening on each stretch of beach, in enough detail to cover specific homesites. The books offer guidelines for buying and building at the shore. They list federal, state, and local agencies that are involved in coastal development, as well as give up-to-date information on laws that regulate land use.”—Kelly Walker, Forbes

"In these books the authors have made a large contribution to public understanding of coastal development. . . . [the] information on site selection alone is worth the modest price of these books. These volumes contain chapters on the history of shoreline development, geological history, man and the shoreline, selecting a safe building site, land use and the law, and building or buying a house near the beach. Appendices include a preparedness list for hurricanes, a guide to agencies involved in coastal development, useful references, and field trip guides."—Journal of Geological Education

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