Comparative Literature 64:1

An issue of: Comparative Literature

Comparative Literature 64:1
Journal Issue Pages: 124 Volume 64, Number 1 Published: 2012 An issue of Comparative Literature


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Blair Hoxby

What Was Tragedy? The World We Have Lost, 1550–1795

Karen Newman

The French Disease

Marlene L. Daut

The “Alpha and Omega” of Haitian Literature: Baron de Vastey and the U.S. Audience of Haitian Political Writing

A. Sean Pue

Ephemeral Asia: Position without Identity in the Modernist Urdu Poetry of N.M. Rashed

Dennis Duncan

Calvino, Llull, Lucretius: Two Models of Literary Combinatorics

Book Reviews

Karl Ashoka Britto

Worlds Within: National Narratives and Global Connections in Postcolonial Writing–By Cooppan Vilashini

J. Michael Dash

The French Atlantic, Travels in Culture and History

Michael Rubenstein

Transatlantic Solidarities: Irish Nationalism and Caribbean Poetics.–By Malouf Michael

Margaret Rogerson

Murder by Accident: Medieval Theater, Modern Media, Critical Intentions

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