English Reformations: Historiography, Theology, and Narrative

An issue of: Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies

English Reformations
Journal Issue Volume 40, Number 3 Published: 2010 An issue of Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies
Special Issue Editor(s): David Aers, Nigel Smith


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1. English Reformations–David Aers and Nigel Smith

2. William Tyndale and Religious Debate–Thomas Betteridge

3. Puritanism, (Monarchical) Republicanism, and Monarchy; or John Whitgift, Antipuritanism, and the "Invention" of Popularity–Peter Lake

4. Transforming Work: Protestantism and the Piers Plowman Tradition–Katherine C. Little

5. Can You Serve? The Theology of Service from Langland to Luther–Jim Knowles

6. Dead Souls and Modern Minds? Mortalism and the Early Modern Imagination, from Marlowe to Milton-Nicholas McDowell

7. New Books across the Disciplines–Michael Cornett

8. Call for Submissions

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