Ethnohistory 59:1

An issue of: Ethnohistory

Ethnohistory 59:1
Journal Issue Pages: 216 Volume 59, Number 1 Published: Winter 2012 An issue of Ethnohistory


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Michael C. Coleman

Seeking the Voices of American Indian and Irish Schoolchildren (1820s–1920s): Autobiographical Reminiscence as Historical Source

Grant Arndt

Indigenous Autobiography en Abyme: Indigenous Reflections on Representational Agency in the Case of Crashing Thunder

Craig N. Cipolla

Peopling the Place, Placing the People: An Archaeology of Brothertown Discourse

Stephan Lenik

Carib as a Colonial Category: Comparing Ethnohistoric and Archaeological Evidence from Dominica, West Indies

Sean F. McEnroe

A Sleeping Army: The Military Origins of Interethnic Civic Structures on Mexico's Colonial Frontier

Mary-Elizabeth Reeve and Casey High

Between Friends and Enemies: The Dynamics of Interethnic Relations in Amazonian Ecuador


Igor Krupnik and Richard O. Stern

Remembering Ernest S. “Tiger” Burch Jr., 17 April 1938 to 16 September 2010


Margaret Jacobs

Settler Sovereignty: Jurisdiction and Indigenous People in America and Australia, 1788–1836–By Ford Lisa

Patricia Galloway

Death in the New World: Cross-Cultural Encounters, 1492–1800–By Seeman Erik R.

Paul T. Conrad

Indian Slavery in Colonial America–Gallay Alan (ed.)

Tim Alan Garrison

Hybrid Constitutions: Challenging Legacies of Law, Privilege, and Culture in Colonial America

–By Hsueh Vicki

Jessica Stern

The Archaeology of Clothing and Bodily Adornment in Colonial America–By Loren Diana DiPaolo

Melinda Marie Jetté

One of the Family: Metis Culture in Nineteenth-Century Saskatchewan–By Macdougall Brenda.

Marie Mauzé

Images from the Likeness House–By Savard Dan

Susan Roy

Be of Good Mind: Essays on the Coast Salish

–Miller Bruce Granville (ed.)

Phyllis Whitman Hunter

Kodiak Kreol: Communities of Empire in Early Russian America–By Miller Gwenn A.

Brandi Hilton-Hagemann

Defying the Odds: The Tule River Tribe's Struggle for Sovereignty in Three Centuries

–By Frank GelyaGoldberg Carole.

Michael L. Tate

From Cochise to Geronimo: The Chiricahua Apaches, 1874–1886–By Sweeney Edwin R.

Warren Milteer, Jr.

Dreaming with the Ancestors: Black Seminole Women in Texas and Mexico–By Mock Shirley Boteler

Jason Baird Jackson

Anetso, the Cherokee Ball Game: At the Center of Ceremony and Identity–By Zogry Michael J.

Ute Schüren

Shamans of the Foye Tree: Gender, Power, and Healing among the Chilean Mapuche.–By Bacigalupo Ana Mariella.

Thomas H. Guderjan

Social Change and the Evolution of Ceramic Production and Distribution in a Maya Community–By Arnold Dean R.

Amara Solari

Ancient Mexican Art at Dumbarton Oaks–By Evans Susan Toby.

Donna J. Nash

The First New Chronicle and Good Government: On the History of the World and the Incas up to 1615–By de Ayala Felipe Guaman Poma.Hamilton Roland (trans. and ed.)

David Tavárez

Nahuatl Theater. Volume 4, Nahua Christianity in Performance–Sell Barry D.Burkhart Louise M.(ed.)

Peter B. Villella

The War for Mexico's West: Indians and Spaniards in New Galicia, 1524–1550

–By Altman Ida

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