Indigenous Narratives of Territory and Creation: Hemispheric Perspectives

An issue of: English Language Notes

Indigenous Narratives of Territory and Creation
Journal Issue Pages: 228 Volume 58, Number 1 Published: April 2020 An issue of English Language Notes
Special Issue Editor: Leila Gomez
Indigenous activism in the Americas has long focused on the symbolic reclamation of land. Drawing on interdisciplinary perspectives, contributors to this issue explore narratives of territory and origin that provide a foundation for this political practice. The contributors study Indigenous-language stories from displaced communities, analyzing the meaning and power of these narratives in the context of diaspora and the struggle for land. Essays address topics including territorial struggle and environmentalism, Indigenous resistance to neoliberal policies of land dispossession, and alliances between academic and Indigenous knowledges and activisms. This issue brings together fruitful comparisons of theoretical frameworks and case studies in Indigenous studies across North and South America. Its contributors advance the process of returning to Indigenous knowledge, offering essential alternatives to Western epistemologies.

Contributors. Amber Meadow Adams, Alexandre Belmonte, Enrique Manuel Bernales Albites, Andrew Cowell, Ella Deloria, Leila Gómez, Sarah Hernandez, Penelope Kelsey, José Antonio Mazzotti, Javier Muñoz-Díaz, Craig Perez, Cheryl Savageau, Ángel Tuninetti, Christopher T. Vecsey


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