• Latin American Studies
    An e-book collection

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    The Latin American Studies e-book collection includes over 500 titles in anthropology, cultural studies, Caribbean studies, Chicanx and Latinx studies, history, literature, film and media, politics, and many other fields, focused on Latin America. The collection is available through purchase or annual lease.
    Please contact libraryrelations@dukeupress.edu to learn more or place an order.

Features of the Collection

  1. DRM-free: users can print, read online, and download PDFs by chapter
  2. Unlimited multiuser access
  3. Tiered discounting
  4. MARC records created by catalogers at Duke University Libraries included at no additional charge
  5. COUNTER-compliant usage statistics
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  • Purchase the Collection

    Purchase includes perpetual access to over 500 Latin American Studies e-books. In subsequent years, purchasing libraries will have the option to "top up" their subject collection by buying the year's new batch of relevant titles. The 2018 collection includes the original collection presented in 2016 of over 500 e-books as well as titles published in 2017.

    Annual Lease for 2018

    Annual lease provides one calendar year of access (January to December 2018) to the Latin American Studies collection. For 2018, this includes over 500 titles. To maintain access after 2018, libraries will need to purchase the collection or renew the lease.

    Lease to Own

    Libraries that lease the Latin American Studies collection for five consecutive years are automatically upgraded to perpetual access to the collection.

    2018 Pricing for US Institutions

    Latin American Studies e-book collection

    Tiers are based on the 2015 Carnegie Basic Classification (this classification system is for US institutions only).

    Tier Purchase Lease 2017 Top Up*
    Tier 5
    Carnegie Classification 15
    $29,646 $6,299 $1,080
    Tier 4
    Carnegie Classifications 16-18
    $22,245 $4,724 $820
    Tier 3
    Carnegie Classifications 19-21
    $14,823 $3,149 $540
    Tier 2
    Carnegie Classifications 22-23
    $7,422 $1,575 $280
    Tier 1
    Carnegie Classifications 1-14
    $3,949 $840 $140

    If your institution falls outside of the ranges listed above, please request a quote.

    2018 Pricing for International Institutions

    Latin American Studies e-book collection

    Pricing for institutions outside the US is based on national income level, as determined by the World Bank, and the highest degree offered. To find a nation's World Bank income level, visit data.worldbank.org/country and select from the list.

    Highest Degree High Income Upper Middle Income Lower Middle Income Low Income



    Top Up*















    Top Up*















    Top Up*















    Top Up*













    *Top up refers to the last complete calendar year's titles that are relevant to the collection. Top up is for existing customers only. 2018 purchases and leases include all titles published in 2017.

    Canadian and Indian institutions may be subject to applicable tax. Please see our subscription terms for details.

  • For the order to be complete and access enabled, Duke University Press must have the following:

  1. Payment (see price sheet)
  2. A signed site license agreement complete with IP address(es)
  • Payment should be sent to Duke University Press Customer Service.

    Please sign and return the appropriate site license via fax to the attention of the library relations manager at 919-680-6078, e-mail to libraryrelations@dukeupress.edu, or mail it to 905 West Main Street, Suite 18B, Durham, North Carolina, 27701.

    Once we have processed your order, you will receive an invitation to activate your online access. If you have any questions, please contact orders@dukeupress.edu.

  • Duke University Press requires a site license agreement in order to grant access to the Latin American Studies e-book collection. Institutions that previously signed a site license for this collection do not need to resubmit a license.

    Any questions regarding the site license can be directed to the library relations manager at 919-687-3655 or libraryrelations@dukeupress.edu.

    Document Name Type
    e-Duke Books Scholarly Collection Site License PDF

    Please sign and return the appropriate site license via fax to the attention of the library relations manager at 919-680-6078, e-mail it to libraryrelations@dukeupress.edu or mail it to 905 West Main Street, Suite 18B, Durham, North Carolina, 27701.

    If you would like to propose changes to a Duke University Press site license agreement, please submit the changes in the form of an addendum to the library relations manager at libraryrelations@dukeupress.edu.

  • Institutional Usage Statistics

    COUNTER-compliant usage statistics are available upon request. Contact us for usage statistics until admin access is granted.

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