Mediterranean Quarterly 23:4

An issue of: Mediterranean Quarterly

Mediterranean Quarterly 23:4
Journal Issue Pages: 148 Volume 23, Number 4 Published: Fall 2012 An issue of Mediterranean Quarterly


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1. Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution: Causes and Impact--Mohamed A. El-Khawas

2. The Failure of Democracy Building in Modern Iran: The Hundred-Year Struggle--Jonathan M. Kerman and Kathryn L. Wood

3. Between Rhetoric and Reality: The Decline of Russian Maritime Power in the Black Sea?--Deborah Sanders

4. Genocide Is a Neglected Area of Criminological Inquiry--Andrew Cooke-Welling

5. Anathemas and Blessings: Negotiating Group Identity and State Ownership through the Constitution in Cyprus, 1959–74--Angeliki Andrea Kanavou

6. Pragmatic Idealism Revisited: Russia’s Post-1991 Cyprus Policy and Implications for Washington--Costas Melakopides


7. Fridtjof Nansen and the Greek Refugee Crisis, 1922–1924--Erik Goldstein

8. The Struggle for Egypt: From Nasser to Tahrir Square--Magnus Nordenman

9. Modern Turkey--Klée Aiken

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