Mediterranean Quarterly 24:1

An issue of: Mediterranean Quarterly

Mediterranean Quarterly 24:1
Journal Issue Pages: 132 Volume 24, Number 1 Published: Winter 2013 An issue of Mediterranean Quarterly


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Tangled Web: The Syrian Civil War and Its Implications - Ted Galen Carpenter

Egypt’s Energy Outlook: Opportunities and Challenges - Gawdat Bahgat

Offshore Energy in the Levant Basin: Leaders, Laggards, and Spoilers - Peter E. Paraschos

Domestic and External Factors in Greece’s Relations with the Soviet Union: Early Cold War to Détente - Sotiris Rizas

Mediterranean Countries and Corruption: Political, Economic, and Social Factors - Kostas Rontos, Luca Salvati, Petros Sioussiouras, and Ioannis Vavouras

The Cameroon–South Korea (Mobilong) Diamond Project and Its Implication for Sustainable Development in Cameroon - J. Ndumbe Anyu and Samuel B. Moki


The Clash of Ideologies: Middle Eastern Politics and American Security by Mark L. Haas - Timothy C. Kroboth

The Last Three Feet: Case Studies in Public Diplomacy. William P. Kiehl, ed. - Sol Schindler

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