MIT and the Transformation of American Economics

An issue of: History of Political Economy

MIT and the Transformation of American Economics
Journal Issue Pages: 408 Volume 46, Number 5 Published: [Volume Year] 2014 An issue of History of Political Economy
Special Issue Editor: E. Roy Weintraub

"Not long ago I received a copy of MIT and the Transformation of American Economics, a collection of essays on how American economics became model- and math-oriented after World War II, and of the special role played by the department Paul Samuelson built. There was a lot in there I didn’t know, despite the many years I spent at MIT first as a student, then as faculty. So I found it — as Spock would say — fascinating."Paul Krugman, The New York Times.

MIT and the Transformation of American Economics seeks to remedy the historians’ neglect of the influential and luminary economics department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The department, bolstered by an influx of innovative young scholars, was one of the most distinguished research economics departments in North America by the late 1950s. In another decade it would become the most highly regarded economics department in the world. This volume documents the history of this process and the ways in which MIT’s rise to prominence coincided with the remarkable transformation of American economics in the postwar period. Many developments influenced this history: the Keynesian revolution, the emergent technical nature of economics, the Cold War, the international hold of American economics, the GI Bill, and MIT’s openness to Jewish economists.
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E. Roy Weintraub is Professor of Economics at Duke University.
Roger E. Backhouse, Mauro Boianovsky, Beatrice Cherrier, William A. Darrity Jr., Pedro Garcia Duarte, Yann Giraud, Verena Halsmayer, Kevin D. Hoover, Arden Kreeger, Harro Maas, Stephen Meardon, Perry Mehrling, Andrej Svorencik, Pedro Teixeira, Peter Temin, William Thomas, E. Roy Weintraub


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