Philosophy and the Political in Wartime Japan, 1931-1945

An issue of: positions

Philosophy and the Political in Wartime Japan, 1931-1945
Journal Issue Pages: 276 Volume 17, Number 1 Published: 2009 An issue of positions
Special Issue Editor: Richard F. Calichman


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1. Guest Editors' Introduction—Marshall Johnson and Fred Yen Liang Chiu

2. The Imperialist Eye: The Cultural Imaginary of a Subempire and a Nation-State, Translated by Yiman Wang—Kuan-Hsing Chen

3. The Lord of Heaven versus Jesus Christ: Christian Sectarian Violence in Late-Nineteenth-Century South China—Joseph Tse-Hei Lee

4. Suborientalism and the Subimperialist Predicament: Aboriginal Discourse and the Poverty of State-Nation Imagery—Fred Yen Liang Chiu

5. Nationalist Social Sciences and the Fabrication of Subimperial Subjects in Taiwan—Kang Chao and Marshall Johnson

6. Ah Neng's Critique—Monanen Malialiaves

7. Northbound Colonialism: A Politics of Post–PC Hong Kong—Law Wing-sang

8. Speaking Out: Days in the Lives of Three Hong Kong Cage Dwellers —Siu-keung Cheung

9. Contributors

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