positions 18:2

An issue of: positions

positions 18:2
Journal Issue Volume 18, Number 2 Published: 2010 An issue of positions
Special Issue Editor(s): Petrus Liu, Lisa Rofel, Petrus Liu


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Guest Editors' Introduction Back

1. Beyond the Strai(gh)ts: Transnationalism and Queer Chinese Politics–Petrus Liu and Lisa Rofel

Essays: Part I Back

2. Why Does Queer Theory Need China?–Petrus Liu

3. Imagined Concubinage–Ding Naifei

4. The Politics of Schadenfreude: Violence and Queer Cultural Critique in Lucifer Hung's Science Fiction–Amie Parry and Liu Jen-peng

5. From Glass Clique to Tongzhi Nation: Crystal Boys, Identity Formation, and the Politics of Sexual Shame–Hans Tao-Ming Huang

Commentaries Back

6. Obstacles to LGBT Human Rights Development in Taiwan–Chen Yu-Rong and Wang Ping, Translated by Petrus Liu

7. An Interview with Shi Tou–Petrus Liu and Lisa Rofel

8. The Communist International of Queer Film–Cui Zi'en, Transcribed and translated by Petrus Liu

Essays: Part II Back

9. The Traffic in Money Boys–Lisa Rofel

10. The Queer Space of China: Expressive Desire in Stanley Kwan's Lan Yu–David L. Eng

11. Male Same-Sex Relations in Modern China: Language, Media Representation, and Law, 1900 – 1949–Wenqing Kang

12. "I Am AIDS": Living with HIV/AIDS in China–Xiaopei He and Lisa Rofel

13. Queer Existence under Global Governance: A Taiwan Exemplar–Josephine Chuen-juei Ho

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ISBN Paperback: 978-0-8223-6737-6